Lords of Infinity – Basic Stats Overview

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Basic Stats Overview Guide

To begin with, it is important to note that this game uses the choicescrypt fairmath system. This means that the amount of gain or loss in stats is determined by how much the current amount differs from 100. When the stat is low, the loss is small, but when it is high, the loss is significant. On the other hand, when the stat is high, the gain is small, but when it is low, the gain is substantial.

To illustrate this concept, consider the following examples:

  • 30 + %10 = 37
  • 30 – %10 = 27
  • 50 + %10 = 55
  • 50 – %10 = 45
  • 70 + %10 = 73
  • 70 – %10 = 63

Moving on to the relationship stats, most characters start with a stat of 50. However, without accessing the code of the save, you can only determine whether the stat is 65 or above, which indicates a friendly relationship, or 35 or below, which indicates an adversarial relationship.

Royalist influence, Royalist influence

Influence is another important stat that can only be determined based on the text in the game. For instance, if your Wulframite influence is 60 or more points higher than your Royalist influence, it means that your staunch loyalty to the Wulframites has made you an enemy of the Royalist Faction. On the other hand, if your Royalist influence is at least 80, you are considered a leading voice of the Royalist Faction. Similarly, if your influence with Grenadier Square is at least 80, you command a great deal of respect from this organization.

Finally, the Club is another important faction in Lords of Infinity, and your influence with them can greatly impact your gameplay experience. If you have been expelled from the Club, you are currently not welcome on their premises. However, if your influence with the Club is at least 80, you are considered to be the Club by most of Aetoria.

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