Limbus Company – What is Uptie system

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Limbus Company’s Uptie system, designed to help you navigate the world of Lobotomy Corporation’s underground facilities as the executive manager of your group of twelve Sinners. Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to stake your claim to the Golden Boughs and succeed in your mission.

Uptie system

One crucial aspect of the Uptie system is the mechanic called ‘uptie,’ which assigns a tier from 1 to 3 to your characters. While a default 1-star unit may seem like a better choice than a 3-star unit at first glance, in reality, the opposite is true due to uptie.

To upgrade a unit’s tier, you must spend ‘threads’ that you can obtain by exchanging any character medal. Upgrading a tier not only significantly improves all skills but also unlocks a 3rd skill and a character passive.

The primary difference between 1 and 3-star units is the flat stats and the skill setup. A 3-star unit with uptie 1 only has a weaker version of skills and lacks the best skill outright, making them less powerful than their lower-star counterparts.

Default 1-star units and default EGO receive these upgrades for free upon completing chapter 1 and 2. However, 2-star units cost 10 and 40 threads for tiers 2 and 3, respectively, while 3-star units cost 20 and 80 threads. This investment may seem steep, especially for a unit you may not even use.

The main reason to invest in the uptie system is that you can have up to 5 EGO per character, each providing unique passive bonuses to make you more versatile. EGOs also have upties, making them the primary goal of free-to-play thread spending.

In summary, 1-star units are excellent early on because of the free upgrades they receive, making them a more powerful option than their 3-star counterparts. However, upgrading your units’ tiers through the uptie system can significantly improve their skills and unlock powerful character passives.

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