Limbus Company – Tips how to avoid mistakes

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Limbus Company, where we provide you with tips on how to avoid mistakes and play the game like a pro. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player, we have got you covered.

Gacha mistake

Starting the game in Limbus Company can be overwhelming, and making mistakes can cost you time and resources. The first mistake that most players make is going straight for gacha rolls and using 2 or 3-star characters instead of the basic ones.

It is essential to note that the basic 12 characters are powerful enough to win the game and come with free evolutions. In contrast, gacha characters require late-game resources, which you should not waste.

Another mistake that players make is mixing the 2-3 stars into a team, which eats up experience and denies other versions of themselves from leveling up. This can weaken your team the deeper you go into the game. Evolution is critical in Limbus Company, and it grants additional passive bonuses, very strong active skills, and improves old skills. The evolution mechanic is called “Uptie Tier,” and you can check it by opening the sinners’ list and click-n-holding left mouse button on any sinner’s portrait.

It is also essential to ignore high-star characters due to the EGO system. During Gacha rolls, you can find characters or their ego. You start the game with 12 basic ego unlocked for free, and their rank is called “Zayin” (green color). You can equip five different egos on every character, regardless of their number of stars. Therefore, upgrade resources should be spent on ego-moves instead of characters.

Loner mistake

Do not try to understand everything at once; the game has many mechanics thrown at you from the get-go. Therefore, finding a friend with a maxed-out character (30 lvl) is crucial. You can add a friend by clicking the Limbus Company logo in the main menu (near the experience bar in the bottom left corner of the screen), switching to the “friends” tab, then “add friend.” Before starting battle, click “Edit Team,” then click any character, then “Support” tab to see characters of your friends and freely equip one of them.

EGO is a must-have (not)

In Limbus Company, there are several complicated tactics to make a good team, but we will not cover them. What you need is very simple; just click and hold the portrait of your character in the main menu and look to the right to see his 2 active skills and their colors. Now find 5 characters with similar colors to form a team and make a chain of similar colors during battle. The rarest color is Teal (light blue), which only sinners 5 and 11 have. For now, concentrate on the first two skills, and the best combo is 2, 5, 6, 11, and 12.

In conclusion, Limbus Company is an exciting game that requires strategic gameplay to win. By following these tips, you can avoid mistakes and play the game like a pro. Remember, practice makes perfect, and as you progress through the game, you will become more familiar with its mechanics. So take each step guided by this article, and have fun!

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