Limbus Company – Noteworthy 2/3 stars types

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In Lobotomy Corporation, the only variation between 1 to 3-star units is the flat stats and a ‘different’ but not inherently better skill set. As such, a 3-star unit with a tier 1 upgrade typically has weaker versions of skills and lacks the best skill altogether.

Noteworthy 2/3 star

Presently, the following EGOs are certainly worth upgrading:

2 Star:

Kurokumo Hong Lu – arguably the strongest unit in the game at the moment.

What makes this EGO exceptional is that it can eliminate almost any non-boss enemy without bleed in one shot. As a result, Hong Lu is a particularly lethal early-game combatant since a good matchup for him almost always guarantees that you have one fewer enemy to worry about. If you have Hong Lu, he should be your top priority for upgrading.

3 star:

Tingtang Hong Lu – it’s quite unfortunate that almost all Hong Lu EGOs are top-tier.

This EGO is a bit more difficult to use, and its primary use is the fact that its strongest skill can eliminate two enemies in one turn. Basically, if an enemy dies from its strongest skill, it will use the skill again on someone else. However, this only works once, so it can’t chain-kill the entire enemy team. If you already have a 2-star Hong Lu, then Tingtang Hong Lu is not worth upgrading since the 2-star version is just too good. Also, manual play is required to make the most out of this EGO.

R corp Heathcliff – this EGO is an ammo user, and if you’re into speedrunning Ruina, you’ll know that ammo is king if used correctly.

However, he is more of a “rusher” than a boss killer. Similar to the 2-star Hong Lu, he excels at significantly improving the early stages of the game. The only downside is that he requires manual play. For instance, it’s sometimes better to defend rather than waste ammo.

These are the only EGOs that stand out as “worth it” or outright better than 1-star units. Fully upgrading 3-star units is generally better, of course, but it’s honestly not required for any content in the game at the moment.

The above three EGOs stand out as something that feels like it might last even through some power creep if it ever occurs.

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