Limbus Company – Default Character top tier party

Welcome to our post where we will be delving into the Limbus Company – Default Character top-tier party. We hope that our discussion will be of great assistance to you.

As the executive manager of Limbus Company, you must lead your squad of twelve Sinners into the tunnels beneath Lobotomy Corporation’s facilities to seize the Golden Boughs.

Default Character top tier party

Let’s begin with the core three characters who will be your starters in the mirror dungeon:

Faust is a phenomenal character whose default EGO has incredible AoE that is easy to fill and synergizes well with the party. Faust is also a great debuffer.

Ryoshu and Rodion are both fantastic damage dealers who synergize well with each other.

With these three characters, you are practically guaranteed a win in the Mirrored Dungeon, even on full ‘auto’ play, as long as you focus on leveling them up and take almost anything along for the ride.

As for the two extra characters, it’s more debatable, but we recommend Hong Lu and Sinclair. These two characters synergize well with the rest of the party and are pretty solid.

Hong Lu is a no-brainer, in our opinion. You have to be a bit careful about him not taking damage, but once he becomes a powerhouse, he is unstoppable. The main problem with Hong Lu is that both his 2/3-star versions are godly.

Sinclair is a good addition to the team as a solid clash winner who also provides good synergy.

If you want more details on building a decent team, we recommend checking out the coin section mechanic explanations and basic team building.

At worst, you may have to level this party up a bit via mirror dungeon to beat some of Chapter 3.

Currently, the team can handle any stage, with most problems being encountered in some of the Chapter 3 stages where enemies are incompatible to it. In these cases, some 10-turn wins on 3-wave fights may require a swap to a more compatible team.

That said, the % weakness factor can be quite significant. This team is considered ‘top tier,’ assuming that you are doing at least ‘neutral’ damage against the enemy. Therefore, it is a powerhouse team only as long as you face enemies that do not have an advantage against you.

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