Let’s Pet Pets – How to Upgrade Foundation Guide

We are pleased to present to you the Let’s Pet Pets – How to Upgrade Foundation Guide. Our aim is to provide you with valuable information to enhance your gaming experience. In this guide, we will delve into the concept of Foundation Upgrades and how to utilize them effectively.

To begin with, we recommend focusing on the following 15 upgrades to make your gameplay smoother. We will explain the reasoning behind each upgrade, and we hope it will simplify your gaming experience. At the moment, Prestige has been completed 22 times.

Upgrade 1: OxytocinA (lvl 70 – 99)

Meaning: This upgrade increases the speed at which pets gain heart rate by 1%.

Explanation: You can attain 10 Heart-Levels faster. It is easier to earn higher Pet Levels by manual petting.

Upgrade 2: PetisfactionA (lvl 50 starting at 99)

Meaning: This upgrade increases the effect of heart rates by 1%.

Explanation: You can get more points from manual petting. It is a more effective upgrade than the previous one.

Upgrade 3: Lucky Hearts – (lvl 70 – 99)

Meaning: This upgrade increases the chance that a pet will randomly gain a heart point through manual petting by 1%.

Explanation: You can upgrade or buy eggs more frequently. You can see your pet’s happiness.

Upgrade 4: Pets are loved and appreciated (lvl 9 starting at 10)

Meaning: This upgrade increases the speed at which you receive a Pet Time Bonus of 10%.

Explanation: The Meter, located in the left corner of the screen, called Pet Time Bonus, will fill up faster when you do manual petting. You get double the amount of pet points. Normally, you get 100 pet points. Now you get 200 pet points.

Upgrade 5: Separation Anxiety – (lvl 35 at 99)

Meaning: This upgrade increases the rate at which your Pet Time Bonus Meter is filled while offline by 1% per minute.

Explanation: You can take a break, and the Pet Time Bonus may be fully credited when you return. You get more Pet Points with less manual petting.

Basic knowledge:

Pet Points are the stars you will see if your pet is being handled manually. Swipe your mouse across the Egg for Hatching or the Pet for Petting. Pet Points are displayed on the left side (Star). A bit below it are the Points you earn through the help of Helpers. The Hearts you see are for upgrading upgrades and buying eggs. You will see a Horseshoe1 from 195. It indicates how many pets are eager to meet you, and how many you have already found.


The last and most crucial aspect of the game is “Prestige.” This Button will soon sparkle, but do not press it until you have read the instructions by hovering your mouse over Prestige and pressing it. The “Gain: xxx/xxx Heart Points” is RED Colored! You will lose all your Pet Points and all your items, and all your Helpers, but you will gain a lot more Heart Points to speed up your Upgrading Upgrades. The amount increases over time.

We hope you find our Let’s Pet Pets – How to Upgrade Foundation Guide helpful. If you have any suggestions or spot any errors, please let us know, and we will correct it as quickly as possible. We extend our sincere appreciation, and we wish you a wonderful day ahead. This article was inspired by the author/creator Aryn Blue.

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