Lamentum – Achievement Walkthrough Part 2

Welcome to Lamentum – Achievement Walkthrough Part 2 guide, where we will provide you with a perfectly-crafted walkthrough to help you obtain all the achievements in the game.

Walkthrough Pt. 2:

Upon leaving the game room, turn right and exit through the bottom entrance. Continue until you reach the main foyer. Make another right, pass by The White Lady statue, and then turn left close to Lord Steinrot’s office. Locate the Strange Coin (1/10) behind the statue.

Retrace your steps to the central statue and collect the Half bottle Laudenum at the statue’s base. You can combine it with another half-bottle to create Laudenum. Use the Heavy Key button on the right side of the metal grated door to access the chained metal grated entrance. The Heavy Key door on the left is open. Enter the kitchen by passing through the door to the right of the corpse. Grab the Knife from the right-most counter, which is your first weapon in the game. It can be used to kill any monsters you encounter.

The knife is your first weapon in the game. It can be used to kill any monsters you need.

Head through the next door with the Lamp. Avoid enemies while navigating this area since they may poke you with needles or hurt you if you get too close. You can walk towards the counter and grab the Salt. Continue downwards and pick up the ornament from a wooden table. At this point, enemies will start to move, so quickly get back to the door and exit the room. Take the Knife and leave the kitchen. Use it to kill enemies; it takes four hits before you die. Once the enemy is dead, you can enter the chemical laboratory door.

Take a look at the note at the bottom right of the desk, which is the first volume of the German alchemist Andreas Libau. Aqua regia is a highly corrosive and fuming solution, yellow in color, obtained by mixing common salt with oil of vitriol, heating and shaking, then adding strong water to the mixture and filtering. Be careful when handling Aqua regia since it can cause burns when it comes into contact with the skin. All compounds are in the basement warehouse. Refer to the note on the bookshelf.

Take your Lamp and walk through the next door. You will soon encounter a new type of enemy that runs after you, so grab your Knife. It will try to inflict damage on you with its tongues if it gets too close. Once it’s gone, go north, take the Half-bottle of Laudenum, and place it on the window sill. Continue on as far as you can, then head south until you see a corpse. Grab the Ornament from the corpse.

Head left and kill any monsters in your path. Continue to go left. To the north is a small alcove; use the window sill to the right to get a Lock Pick. Continue on the left until you get to the door. Recover from the chemical laboratory and save and store some items. I kept the Salt (A), Ornament (A), Strange Coin (A), and Strange Coin (A). You can exit the room by the southern entrance.

Turn left as far as possible, then turn south, pushing the container out of the way. Go to the door on the left. The stranger will request that you bring Rope, but don’t give the rope to anyone who hasn’t found it yet! Continue on the right side of the hall and grab the Broken Blazon at the window sill. Continue right and go to the southern entrance by the crate that has a candle on. Grab the Heart Key from your bed. Take a look at the note on your desk; it will have a cipher.

Lamentum – Achievement Walkthrough Part 2 – Walkthrough Pt. 2 – D3D97E6. You can also enter the southern door,

You will discover the second firearm of the Pistol. The game has plenty of ammo for you to discover. Use it however you like. In the event that you don’t feel like carrying it, I advise using it to vanquish bosses.

Welcome to Lamentum! In this guide, we will help you navigate through the game with ease and business.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Pistols. As you progress through the game, you will discover the second firearm. Don’t worry about running out of ammo – the game provides plenty for you to use as you wish. However, if you find yourself facing a tough boss, we recommend using the Pistoli to vanquish them.

To continue your journey, head towards the door located directly below the exit to return to the game area. Before you leave, make sure to grab all of the Ornaments A from your stash. You should have a total of four ornaments, which should be placed on the table in front of the fireplace.

Next, interact with the painting to your left of the fireplace to unlock the next achievement walkthrough. Can you decipher a forgotten language lost in time? Refer to the cipher from earlier and solve the puzzle to reveal the achievement walkthrough code: Lamentum – Achievement Walkthrough Part 2 – Walkthrough Pt. 2 – F97677B.

Once you have solved the puzzle, the fireplace will go out. Before you descend into the fireplace, ensure you have the TongsA in your inventory. Proceed straight until you reach a prison cell door and enter it. Head left to pick up the Ammunition located on a crate with a candle.

To remove spiderwebs, use the Knife. Turn right and continue up the hall. Look to your right to read the note on your desk, which contains information about several children.

Move the mechanism to continue forward. As you progress, a man will appear from a hole and speak to you. Make sure to select “I’ve not seen her” to achieve the A ending. If you select “I have seen”, you will not achieve the desired outcome.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed this part of the game. Stay tuned for more guides to help you navigate through Lamentum with perfection and ease.

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