how to fix laptop keyboard is not working Guide Step by step

Today this post is about how to fix a laptop keyboard that is not working Guide Step by step. Sometimes when we use a laptop computer, we will encounter the problem of keyboard failure, the keys do not respond or individual keys fail, how to fix the failure of individual keys on the laptop keyboard? This article introduces the causes and solutions of these problems, friends in need You can come and see.

  1. The numeric keypad fails

  If the numeric keypad on the desktop computer fails, it is very likely that you have accidentally pressed the Numlock key and turned off the keypad. The way to identify it is to see if the indicator light on the keyboard is on.

  Solution: Press the Numlock key again to use it.

  If the laptop keyboard fails, because the space of the laptop keyboard is limited, the function of the numeric keypad is integrated into the letter keys in the design. If the keys on the right side of the laptop keyboard cannot type the letters are all numbers. At this time, you can press the fn+Numlk key to switch letter/number input. Some friends don’t know this. When they can’t type letters, they think the keyboard is broken.

  2. How to fix the failure of individual keys on the laptop keyboard

  The failure of some keys on the keyboard is generally because the internal circuit board of the computer keyboard is faulty. If the internal circuit board or conductive plastic of the keyboard is not cleaned for a long time, there is too much dust and dirt, so that the circuit cannot be connected, which will cause some keys to fail. If this is the reason, we need to clean the keyboard to clean up the dirt, dust, and debris inside.

  1. First, you buckle up the broken keycaps (keys on the keyboard);

  2. Use your fingernails to directly buckle the edge, and slowly buckle it up, don’t be afraid of breaking it;

  3. After buckling up, check whether the silicone rubber inside (milky white) has shifted, and take a small screwdriver to pull it back (pretend to be positive).

Here are the specific steps to clean the keyboard:

  1. Unscrew the screw to open the keyboard. When opening the keyboard, pay attention to the button side (the side facing us when we use the keyboard) facing down and the circuit board facing up, so that the conductive plastic on the buttons will not fall off.

  2. The circuit board is usually a thin layer of plastic film. We use high-concentration alcohol cotton (medical alcohol cotton can also be used, the higher the concentration, the better) to gently scrub, and wipe off the dust and dirt. Especially rub more.

  3. Clean the part of the conductive plastic that fails. If the part of the conductive plastic that fails is damaged, we can replace the conductive plastic on the buttons that are not commonly used to the damaged part, because some keys are basically useless. Yes, make the best use of it to extend the life of your keyboard.

  4. The corners of the keyboard other than the conductive plastic and the circuit board can be brushed with a soft brush to remove the return trip.

  5. Check whether some soldering modules are broken and disengaged. If you can use an electric soldering iron, you can solder them on.

  6. After the alcohol evaporates, reinstall the keyboard!

  3. Keyboard driver causes keyboard failure

If the keyboard driver is incompatible and the keyboard fails, we need to update the keyboard driver:

  1. Find the keyboard driver in the device manager and update the driver

  1) On the desktop, start – the control panel

  (2), find the keyboard option

  (3), switch to the hardware page, and click Properties.

  (4) Switch to the driver page and click Change driver.

  (5), updating

  2. After completing all steps of the Hardware Update Wizard. Restart the computer and modify the registry.

  Modify the corresponding value of the registry: “Start” > “Run”, enter “regedit”, open the registry, the specific path is “HKEY_LOCAL_MAC HINE \ SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Keyboard Layouts”

The most common reasons for the failure of the keyboard are the above. In addition, there are problems with other keyboard plugs and lines, and the failure of the motherboard and CPU may cause some keys to fail, but these reasons are not common. The above is how to fix the failure of individual keys on the laptop keyboard. I hope the sharing of this article will be helpful to you.