How To Fix D2 Armor Picker Not Working Issue

If you’re having trouble using the D2 Armor Picker tool in Destiny 2, you’re not alone. Many players have reported encountering an error that prevents them from using the tool as intended. Fortunately, there are several possible solutions to this issue, and we’ve outlined them in this guide.

The D2 Armor Picker is an invaluable tool for optimizing your character’s stats, and it’s frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. By following our tips, you can hopefully get the tool up and running again and continue enjoying all that Destiny 2 has to offer.

What is D2 Armor Picker?

D2 Armor Picker is a tool for the video game Destiny 2 that helps players optimize their armor and builds by recommending the best gear for their characters based on desired stats.

How D2ArmorPicker works?

D2ArmorPicker works by analyzing the stats of the armor and weapons in a player’s inventory and recommending the best combination of gear to optimize the desired stats for their character. The tool uses a complex algorithm that takes into account factors such as the player’s current power level, the perks and mods on their gear, and their desired stat distribution. Users can input their desired stat values, such as mobility or resilience, and the tool will recommend armor pieces that will help them achieve those values. Overall, D2ArmorPicker is a valuable tool for players looking to fine-tune their character’s build and performance in Destiny 2.

How to resolve D2 Armor Picker Not Working Issue?

D2ArmorPicker has become an essential tool for Destiny 2 players looking to optimize their armor and build. However, like any software, it may experience occasional glitches and malfunctions. While it is an amazing tool, it is not always perfect.

Numerous players have taken to social media platforms to express their dissatisfaction with the tool, citing that it is not working as it should. This issue could be caused by an outdated or expired authentication token.

To resolve this issue, one of the simplest solutions is to re-login to By doing so, the tool will obtain a temporary login token from Bungie, which should make it work. This has worked for many players.

If the problem persists, it’s essential to check the status of the Destiny 2 server before attempting any other solutions. If the servers are down for maintenance or any other reason, D2ArmorPicker will not work.

If neither of the above solutions works, it is advisable to visit and switch to a different tool. After selecting the desired stat for your Hunter or Titan, simply login to that tool using your account.

In conclusion, while D2ArmorPicker is an incredible tool, it may experience issues from time to time. Fortunately, there are simple solutions available to address these problems.

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