How to Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone Step by steps

Today I will share with you how to complete the backup of the android phone. Many android mobile phone users want to see make a complete backup of android phones. This article how to take a complete backup of android phones steps by step.

Many android users lost their documents they want to how to make a complete backup of the android phone on pc. now below the all the steps on how to download your smartphone backup easily. There are many causes to drop it in water and lose everything. Thankfully we will provide a way how to make a complete backup of android phones. so mobile phone users won’t lose all those embarrassing photos of your kids you were going to show at their every think.

Your essay document link as Contacts and messages, photos are very important on the phone. So don’t be upset now I will share with you how to download the complete back of your file manager and contact and message so on.

Mobile users can make a backup of their photos and videos as well, with the help of backup you can get your required contacts, videos again. Follow the bellow all instructions.

How to Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone

Android Phone operator can back up content, data, and settings from your phone to your Google Account. The Google Account backup download and restore is the most popular method. You can restore your backed-up information to the original phone or some other Android Device.

Most of the requirements of Restoring your date are in different Android versions. You can’t restore a backup from a higher Android version onto a phone running a lower Android version.

This is the complete guide to backup Android phones that are straightforward.

How to Backup Android Phone With Google

The  Android phone user now backs up download/restore a Google account. Users get back backup app data, call history, SMS, and device settings using Google data using Google account. So android user you should have needed your internet data available with google drive backup.

Follow the instruction on How to Backup Android Phone With Google

  1st steps:  make sure that you are logged in with a Google account on your Android phone, if not then log in immediately.

2nd step:  go to Settings.

3rd steps: After going into Settings, go to Google>>Backup.

4th step:  turn on Backup to Google Drive.

5th step:  tap on Backup Now so that you can back up App DataCall History, Contacts, and Device Settings.

Backup your Android Phone With Apps

Now, how to back up your Android Phone With Apps. In google play store available apps for bank download. In Different back in different apps like as google photo back up, file backup, SMS backup and contact back up. Follow the all instructions below.

How to Backup Photos & Videos

The Android Phone user if your want to back your phone camera backup and selfish camera backup. This is the complete guideline for you. Many people use the phone’s camera to take pictures of their great moments.

Now you can import backup photos and memorable videos of such special moments that live on your phone. Do not upsend you never lost your document. For this, we recommend Google Photos today.

1st steps: First, Open Google Photos App.

2nd steps: Then Sign in to your Google accounts.

3rd steps: Choose your desired quality settings.

4th step: Wait for all your photos to sync.

Now How to Backup Files

Sometimes Android Phones have some important documents like a pdf file and any necessary documents. Now you can import Android Phone files. With the help of Android Phone, backup file google drive photo and pdf file so on.

Follow the bellow some few steps backup files Android Phone

1st steps: First, Open Google Drive app on your smartphone.

2nd steps:  Tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner.

3rd step: Tap Upload.

Final steps:  you select the files you want to upload.

How To Backup Text Messages

Do you have important Text Messages on your android mobile phone? Now you can  Google’s backup option also provides a backup option for messages. So I tried to find other third-party apps and luckily found One application that is best for message backup. This is a very easy process of backing up your Text Messages.

1st steps: First, install and Open SMS Backup & Restore app on your phone.

2nd step: Tap On getting Started.

3rd step: Tap On Setting Up A Backup.

How to Backup Contacts

Dear Android user, you have some important contacts on your android device. Some contacts on your phone or tablet may not be saved as Google contacts. The google account saves your Backup Contacts. so if you select your contact now can restore your Backup Contacts vary easily with the help of a google account.

1st steps: Open the Google Contacts app on your phone.

2nd steps:  Tap the Menu button at the top-left.

3rd steps:  tap Menu then Tap Settings.

Google contacts are available across Google services and can be managed on any signed-in device. If the original device is lost or damaged, the contacts can automatically sync to a new device when you sign in.

 How to Backup Apps

This is the most popular method for Backup Apps on your android smartphone. you can use a Google account to back up apps because Google keeps an automatic backup for you in your account. Now follow the below some steps for downloading and restoring Backup Apps. Also, you can automatically turn backup on/off, manually start a backup.

1st steps: First, Open the Settings on your phone.

2nd steps:  Tap Google/System.

3rd step:  on the system, tap on Backup.

4th steps:  Back up to Google Drive toggle is Turn On.

Backup Android Phone to PC

Now you can back up your Backup Android Phone to the computer. how to restore Backup Android Phone to PC bellow all steps. There’s no doubt that we need a copy of our Android phone data to be saved on the computer and we need it for a good reason.

Now is very good for that you can not lose and destroyed your document.  So, how to restore the Backup Android Phone to the computer. Now read carefully all the post details Back up Android Phone to PC.

You can easily backup your Android phone on your PC with the help of your USB cable with above simple steps given below.

1st steps: First, Connect your Android phone to your PC with a USB cable.

2nd steps: Then open the Windows Explorer window and navigate to your Phone.

3rd steps: After that here will see a bunch of folders including your photos, videos, music, and documents.

4th steps: Create a new folder on your computer and go to each folder on your phone, copy/paste the stuff you want to keep on your computer.

So, Android user you have to read How to Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone Step by steps all the steps. I hope you have a complete idea and solve the solution to this problem.

With the help of my How to Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone Step by steps post. The post is more information post for you.

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