Harmony’s Odyssey – How to solve missing puzzles

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Maximize your stars with Make It Rain!

Unlock alternative wands and 2D puzzle levels using your stars. Puzzle levels can also be purchased if you’re chasing achievements.

Here’s how to access the shop:

  1. Tap the home icon on the main menu.
  2. Navigate to the puzzle section with arrows, keyboard/pad, or keys.
  3. Harmony’s Odyssey – How to solve missing puzzles – Make It Rain! – spend your stars – 44425C4
  4. A giant puzzle displaying the sections will be on the MC’s desk. Double-click on a puzzle to get stars.

Don’t miss out on unlocking more puzzles in Harmony’s Odyssey with Make It Rain!

Unleash your inner Puzzle Wizard and find those missing puzzles!

If you haven’t earned the achievement yet, chances are you’re missing the 2D puzzle in the Home section. But don’t fret, there’s a way to find out which puzzles you’ve completed.

When you’ve finished a puzzle, a star appears at the end. Check out this illustration to see the difference between a puzzle completed on easy versus hard. Regardless of difficulty, a green star at the end of the puzzle’s entry means it’s complete. If there’s no green star, it means the puzzle is still missing.

Harmony’s Odyssey – How to solve missing puzzles – Puzzle Wizard – find missing puzzles – 16DC97C

Become a true Puzzle Wizard and unlock all the mysteries of Harmony’s Odyssey. This piece was motivated by the author and creator Odrin

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