Government holidays 2022 Bangladesh & Calender PDF

Today I will share with you’re the Government holidays 2022 Bangladesh. The Government in Bangladesh decided on some holy days in Bangladesh. Government job holder and many employees search in google Government holiday 2022 Bangladesh. The student also searches in google Government holidays 2022 Bangladesh. Some day many students will not fund the school will shut down. So bellow the image and table of Government holidays 2022 Bangladesh.

According to the rules of the Ministry of Public Administration, the government has decided that by 2022 all government semi-government offices of the Government of Bangladesh and the best semi-eminent united unit of constitutional prose literature will be observed.

Government holidays 2022 Bangladesh

An employee may be permitted to enjoy a total of three days of immoral leave of the year according to his or her own religion and each employee shall be subjected to the approval of the competent authority to enjoy the three-day leave prescribed in accordance with his or her religion at the beginning of the year. General holidays, executive orders link to public holidays and weekends. You may be allowed to take a vacation.

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Offices where the schedule and holidays are governed by their own laws or offices that have been declared assistant professors in the institution. In That Case, The Concerned Organization Declares A Public Holiday Considering The Public Interest According To Its Own Laws.

Bangladesh Government holidays 2022

National holidays In Bangladesh

Holyday Name Date Day
Language Movement Day 21 February 2022 Monday
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Birth Anniversary 17 March 2022 Thuesday
Mid-Sha’ban 18-19 March 2022
Independence Day of Bangladesh 26 March 2022 Saturday
Jumu’atul-Wida 28-29,  April 2022
Laylat al-Qadr 28-29,  April 2022
Labour Day 01 May 2022 Sunday
Eid al-Fitr 01-03 May 2022
Boishak 16 May 2022
Nazrul Jayanti 24 May 2022 Tuesday
Eid al-Adha 09-10 July 2022
Ashura 07 August 2022
National Mourning Day 15 August 2022 Monday
Krishna Janmashtami 18 August 2022
Dussehra 05 October 2022
Vijayadashami 05 October 2022
Prophet’s Birthday 07 October 2022
Victory Day 16 December 2022 Friday
Christmas Day 25 December 2022 Sunday

The Official website posted the bangladesh Government holidays in Bangladesh 2022. now can download pdf file for holiday 2022.

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