Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Useful Strategies Guide

This article is a comprehensive guide for Glory & Miserable Survivors DX that includes useful strategies for various stages of the game. The guide covers non-endless stages 1, 2, and 3, and highlights two popular strategies, namely “Chokepoint,” fortress, and capital damage or crowd control. The guide also provides valuable insights into handling rushers, with a focus on CQC weapons like Kururu’s Knight’s Sword and Velmanway, which can be combined with damaging accessories like Primal Strength, Dragon Scale, and Primal Strength to maximize damage.

Additionally, the article showcases the power of CC AOE builds, commonly known as the Black Hole design, which relies on Obsidian Pendant and a combination of various accessories like the Pomodoro Mallet of Prosperity, Pomodoro, and Hallucinatory Mushroom.

The article also sheds light on a third strategy, Nighttime Chokepoint, Nighttime Fortress, and Nighttime Capital, which is more common for endless stages 4, 5, and 6.

This strategy employs high hit rate weapons like the Obsidian Pendants, Cape, Velmanway, and Elven Rings to quickly activate keystone accessories like Giant Slayers and Bubbly Lotion. This strategy is particularly useful for getting through hours of endless play and ignoring enemy HP scaling.

Moreover, the article offers valuable tips for early, mid, and later game stages. It emphasizes the importance of understanding weapon combinations that work best for you and your character’s playstyle. The guide also recommends maximizing the Exchange Center deployment time and ensuring the Audit Office is at maximum level to grind gold for more attribute upgrades.

The article suggests farming unlimited gold to get the accessory National Debt and the Pheromone accessory for more gold drops and a challenge. Finally, the guide concludes by emphasizing the importance of collecting every type of item and leveling them up to achieve success in the game.

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