Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Controls & Basic Mechanics

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on Glory & Miserable Survivors DX, also known as Daisenka or Great Senka. This guide covers everything you need to know about the game, including lore, early, middle, and late game tactics, game mechanics, attributes, characters, weapons, accessories, deployables, and achievements.

Controls & Mechanics

In this game, your goal is to stop enemies from reaching the left side of the screen, reduce the HP of the Keep, and maintain your health. Enemies spawn from the right side of the screen, and you can play the game with just one hand using the keyboard controls. To move, use the WASD keys, and move the mouse to change direction. After reloading, weapons automatically attack in the direction they are facing. It’s crucial to understand how to strafe, which allows you to move your character in the direction of attack, and to keybind this to the LSHIFT key. You can dash using the SPACE key, but you are vulnerable while dashing and can collide with enemies. Different characters have different lengths of dash and HP pools, and your HP decreases when you collide with enemies.

Other game aspects that differ from character to character include the rate of crit, luck, attack speed, and range of allocated items. Every character can also “pull” enemies into fighting them instead of attacking the Keep. Gold drops from enemies and can be used to reroll items at any level or for attribute upgrades. Armor Break applies to characters as they receive damage but does not affect defense.

To select choices, use the A and D keys, and to confirm or cancel, use the Z/X keys. Use the C key to construct structures and the ESC key to stop the game. You can zoom in and out using the 1 or 2 keys, and support for controllers is available.

Experience Level and Items

As you defeat enemies, your character gains experience, which results in level ups and three kinds of items: weapons, accessories, and deployables. Each character has a maximum number of quotas for each type of item, determined by the character and the a*sociated attribute “More Slots for [item types].” The attribute “EXP up” or the accessory “More Slots [type of item]” can boost the amount of experience gained.

There are three types of items: Deployables, accessories, and weapons, each with its own purpose. Weapons cause damage or have unique effects, accessories boost your character’s stats, and deployables are used for various functions. Upgrading your level will give you 100 gold bags or 25HP when your character has reached the maximum allowance for each item level and category.

Defeated bosses drop treasure chests on the ground, which have a chance to contain one, three, five, or eight items, depending on your luck. A treasure chest with eight items is called a “jackpot” and guarantees an upgrade for the weapon, accessory, or deployable you already have. If you have an initial weapon at level 10, the treasure chest will upgrade your character’s respective starting weapon. You can push deployables by moving against the sides, but different characters have different speeds for pushing.

We recommend that you take a look at the in-game tutorial, which provides support for controllers and keybindings and offers more information. By following the basic mechanics and controls outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to achieving glory in this game.

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