Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Complete Achievements Guide

Welcome to this post, we trust that this Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Complete Achievements Guide will be of great assistance to you.

This guide aims to assist you in acquiring all of the achievements available in the game.


Initiate the game

We express our appreciation for your decision to engage with this game.

Commence the game.

First Blood

Eradicate the initial adversary.

Terminate the initial invader from Garvecia.

100 Killed


Annihilate 100 enemies.

Within a single playthrough, execute 100 opponents.

10,000 Vanquished


Terminate 10,000 enemies.

Within a single playthrough, exterminate ten thousand foes.

The national hero


Vanquish Garvecia and successfully protect the realm.

Stage 1 completed

Defend stage 1 “Chokepoint” successfully.

Stage 2 completed

Defend stage 2 “Fortress” successfully.

Stage 3 completed

Defend stage 3 “Capital” successfully.

Complete Victory

Accomplish all stages for each character.

Meet the victory terms for each character on every stage, except for endless modes. Each character must defend “Chokepoint,” “Fortress,” or “Capital” successfully. This is the game’s most challenging achievement. For additional information, refer to the Strategy section of this guide.


Keep’s health reaches zero.

Allow the Keep to lose its health, either due to bosses or rushers.


The enemies will overpower you.

Permit your character to die. You can quickly reset all attributes, lock the attack direction to your left and strafe through adversaries, or surrender via the options menu.

Total defeat

Every character can be defeated.

Allow each character to perish as the Garvecian attackers inflict agony upon them. It is simple: play a game with each character and immediately surrender.

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