Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Attribute Upgrades & Table

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on attribute upgrades in the game Glory & Miserable Survivors DX. In this post, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to upgrade your character’s attributes such as luck, attack, and health using the gold earned during gameplay.

To upgrade your attributes, you will need to spend 5,165,000 gold. This cost does not include the H Experience display (1,000,000 G) and the Low Camera Angle (100.000 G). As you progress through the game and complete challenges, you can unlock a variety of beneficial attributes and gameplay enhancements.

It is important to note that the cost of upgrading an attribute increases by 100 percent for each level. For example, “Attack Up,” which costs 2,000G at level one, will cost 6,000G, 10,000G, 10,000G, and 8,000G for levels two, four, five, and five, respectively.

Attribute Upgrades Table

Below is a list of challenges that include attributes and gameplay enhancements, along with the cost and maximum level for each attribute:

Lvl. 1 Cost Max. Max. In essence Factor per Level Tier Description
2,000G 5 Attack Up +5% A You can boost your defense by up to 25 percent
2,000G 5 Armour up -1 Damage Taken B- Reduces damage by as much as 5. It is helpful for redirecting Rushers.
5,000G 3 Max HP Up +10 HP D Health pool is increased
5,000G 3 HP Regen Up +0.2HP/sec C+ Regenerates health. Lifesteal and Heal Orbs are more effective at getting healthier.
20,000G 3 Cooldown reduced 5% (?) A+ Reduces the cooldown of weapons. It is extremely useful to boost damage and CC.
5,000G 4 Weapon Area Up +5% S All weapons have an increase in AOE. All weapons are eligible for this feature.
5,000G 4 Attack Speed Up 5% (?) D Increases the velocity of weapon projectiles. Cooldown Reduction is the upgrade you’re looking for to speed up reload time. Only available for Elven Ring, Lightning Rune & Upgrade.
5,000G 4 Attack Duration Up +5% A- This extends the life span of projectiles like the Obsidian Pendant or Elven Ring and the Lightning Rune.
100,000G 1 Increase the amount Size +1 Weapon Clip S+ This upgrade is basically an upgrade for Duplicator. Doubles damage in the initial game.
5,000G 4 Accelerate Your Progress +5% C+ Increases speed of movement. It can be used to catch Rushers , but weapon AOE is more crucial.
5,000G 4 Pickup Area Up +5% D The Gold pickup range is increased. Simply walk a bit further. If you’re worried about losing HP, walk around and run or increase the damage.
5,000G 4 Luck is on your side +5% B This increases the chances of getting more items from boss drops. This is beneficial in the mid-game, when you’re trying to do high damage. However in the later game, if you have the money to purchase Experience Up and Pheromones boss drops, they will only provide the initial weapon upgrades.
5,000G 4 EXP up +5% S This will increase the speed of your character’s increases in level. It is extremely helpful for creating your character faster.
5,000G 4 Gold up +5% A- It is only useful in the beginning of the game when you’re trying to purchase all attributes upgrades. Rerolling items using gold isn’t an issue.
10,000G 5 Pheromones up +10 10 % of Enemy Spawn Speed, HP and Speed of Movement A+ It is useful in the middle to late game. This is helpful when you are able to deal a lot of damage and compensate for it with the right amount of reward and risk by gaining more experience and gold.
100,000G 2 Revive Up + Revive B Grants you extra lives. Only useful in the beginning of the game. Your risk and longevity will outweigh any other requirements later on.
5,000G 5 Construct Attack Up +5% C- Your character should be the cause of all your harm. Damage from construction is laughable, even when you consider the Laser Tower or Rotating Saw. If you’re using your towers to help you, it is because you are playing Bl**ns Tower Defense 17 instead of Daisenka.
5,000G 5 Construct AOE Up +5% B Increases deplyable AOEs. This is where the Magnet, Swamp, and Graveyard are the best.
5,000G 5 Construct AtkSpeed up +5% C+ Construct attacks are not necessary. Rotating Saw is the one that will be the most beneficial.
50,000G 2 Keep Regen Up +0.1 Keep HP/sec C+ This is only beneficial This is only useful if Rushers are not your primary concern. AOE and Black hole build easily outweigh the necessity for this.
100,000G 2 More Weapon Slots + Weapon Slot A+ There are many more weapon damage opportunities. It is extremely beneficial to have.
100,000G 2 More Slots for Accessories + Accessory Slot S+ More damage boosting capabilities. Very useful upgrade.
100,000G 2 More Construct Slots + Construct Slot C More deployables. Constructs aren’t as effective as weapons or accessories, and aren’t as effective due to their lack of utility.
300,000G 1 More Options + Item Selection S+ You can boost your levels by completing items. This lets you find more desirable items and decreases the need to spend or reroll gold. It could be the difference between winning or losing to an opponent.
200,000G 1 Drop Knight’s Sword The treasure of the Ankers family was lost. B- / A+ Every character has access an adequate weapon or a extremely effective weapon for bossing or mobbing.
200,000G 1 Drop Elven Bow This bow was purchased using… C+ / S- Every character has access an adequate or the most effective mobbing tool available in the game.
200,000G 1 Drop Lightning Rune This could be a shock to the Mage Association. B / A This gives you access to an extremely effective or extremely effective weapon for mobbing.
200,000G 1 Drop an Assa*sin Dagger This can be employed by an amateur. C- / B- This lets you access an effective bossing tool or a decent tool for bossing.
200,000G 1 Take off the Sanguinous Ring This is not intended for human consumption! B- / A- This lets you access an excellent or very good mobbing tool.
10,000G 1 Experience the Display H Experience When you are deciding on a character, display H Exp H Displays a measurable statistic. Shows the private life of a girl in Character Select.
200,000G 1 Drop Trample I took an ankle. Scary. C+/ A This lets you access an adequate weapon or an extremely high DPS dual-wield weapon.
200,000G 1 Drop Bayonet Eliminate the vermin and heretics! C / B This lets you access an unproficient weapon or an adequate all-rounder gun.
10,000G 1 Low Angle Camera Angle You can switch this option on within the Options menu. H This cosmetic option is one that emphasizes the lower parts of your maiden’s body.
1,000,000G 1 Starting weapons upgrades unlocked All starter weapons can be upgraded. S+ This should be used only in the middle or late game. Beginning weapon upgrades are effective and can help you win a game.

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