Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – All Stages and Enemies

We are pleased to present you with the Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – All Stages and Enemies Guide, which contains detailed information about every stage and enemy in the game.


Each stage features enemies that appear on the right side and attempt to reduce the Keep’s HP on the left or attack your character. The Keep’s HP varies per map. Your goal is to defend the Keep and eliminate the invaders. Every enemy that enters the Keep has their HP reduced by one. Allowing a boss to pass the Keep will result in defeat. The Repair Shop construct can replenish Keep HP, and it slowly regenerates Keep HP. You can protect your HP by directing damage to your character by using the Scarecrow accessory, which is better known as the Voodoo doll. Additionally, Health Packs are offered by the Keep spawns to the left and heal you when you pick them up.

Normal Stages:

Stage 1 – “Chokepoint”:

This horizontally long (long) and vertically small (short) stage is easy to defeat enemies in. The Keep has 20 HP.

Stage 2 – “Fortress”:

This stage has square dimensions. Rushers have more chances to pass you in the Keep when your edges are taller than stage 1. A narrower width allows for a more spacious run. The Keep is equipped with 15 HP, and all enemies are strengthened with higher speed, HP, and attack, which is evident by the blue tint.

Stage 3 – “Capital”:

This is the most narrow and tallest stage. Rushers become a main failpoint for players who have 10 Keep HP, and bosses can be overwhelming if you have the “Wanted Poster” deployable, and they appear on opposite sides. All enemies are further reinforced by having higher mobility speed, HP, and attack, characterized by an orange tint.

Endless Stages:

Enemies are strengthened through endless stages and change between types often. Enemy spawn rates can soar. The developer has made it possible to play the game with the “Limited enemy spawns due to low FPS” function. We can switch between smooth gameplay by removing damage numbers and increasing exp gains from more enemy spawns. Also, we can switch to a slower game by increasing the damage numbers and reducing spawn rates.

Since endless mode is endless, picking Pheromones or the Scroll of Secrets isn’t really useful, as you’ll end up playing the same game until the real challenge begins. Your build should be able to handle Rushers, Soldiers, and Bosses at once (details under the Enemies & Waves tab).

Stage 4 – “Nighttime Chokepoint”:

Similar to stage 1, except that there are endless waves. Enemies start at Normal difficulty.

Stage 5 – “Nighttime Fortress”:

Endlessly similar to stage 2. Enemies start with blue tint difficulty.

Stage 6 – “Nighttime Capital”:

Similar to stage 3. Enemies begin with a difficulty with green tint.


There are three typical units that target the player (Soldiers), quick and uncommon units that target the Keep (Rushers), and strong and fast units that are aimed at the Keep (Bosses).

Soldiers have many different classes within them, and certain units are more powerful than others in terms of attack power and HP. We have them ranked from weakest to strongest:

  • Barbarians
  • Warlocks
  • Dark Knights
  • Holy Knights
  • Samurai

There are also two types of Rushers, ranked from weakest to strongest:

  • Spitters
  • Rammers

Bosses operate at the same difficulty level as the same type of Soldiers. We also see large versions of these units appear as bosses.

Additionally, every kind of enemy comes in five difficulties, characterized by the color of their skin, from weakest.

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