Glass Heart – Nathan’s Good Ending

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Achieving Nathan’s Good Ending

To obtain Nathan’s good ending, specific choices must be made. Although it’s not mandatory to choose all of them, we highly recommend doing so to maximize the probability of receiving the good ending. A chime will sound if you choose the correct answer, while nothing will happen if you choose the incorrect answer!

Chapter 1

“I understand that it may appear daunting, but rest assured that it’s not as challenging as it seems. I’ll guide you on where to sign.”

Read the Contract

“Miss Lovingston, are you feeling alright?”

I’m thrilled!

Chapter 2

“I’m delighted that you appreciate it. As you can see, your luggage has already arrived. Additionally, I’ve arranged for some summer dresses to be brought here.”

You didn’t have to do that.

“I’m only speaking the truth.”

You adore filming.

“What a remarkable scene.”

You appear overjoyed.

Chapter 3

I find myself yearning for his touch immediately.

Thank you.

“Don’t pretend to be naive, darling. I’m referring to Nathan!”

He wouldn’t want me.

Chapter 4

“Is everything okay? You seem down. Are you feeling unwell?”


“Would you be interested?”

I don’t usually…

Chapter 5

“Will you be alright alone for a moment?”

I’ll be fine.

“Don’t mistake his affections for anything more than a fleeting fancy. He’s a ruthless businessman from a completely different world than yours.”

Nathan is not like that!

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