Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending

Welcome to this guide on how to access the Brayson route and obtain the good ending in Glass Heart. Brayson is a not-so-secret 6th love interest introduced during Will’s route, and in order to romance him, you must play through Will’s route and obtain the bad ending. This involves Meira going into cardiac arrest at the end of Will’s route, and Will getting into a fatal car accident on the way to the hospital.

To access Brayson’s romance, go to the Dream Selection Screen and select “Learn to Love Again”. There are specific choices you must make to obtain the good ending, and it is recommended that you choose as many as possible to maximize your chance of success.

It is important to note that this route has the fewest choice screens, so be mindful of your choices as you have limited chances to increase affection points compared to the other routes.

Chapter 1

starts with the question “Hey…you okay? Meira?”. Choose “I’m just missing Will” and then “You’re really okay?” before selecting “I’m happy for you!” to proceed.

Chapter 2

involves reading only, so there are no choices to be made.

In Chapter 3,

choose “…”.

Chapter 4

presents the choice “Are you even hearing yourself?” Choose “I’ll practice with Brayson”.

In Chapter 5

select “May I approach you?” when speaking to the bar owner. When asked to instruct Meira on what to do with Brayson, choose “Unbutton his shirt”.

We hope this guide helps you access the Brayson route and obtain the good ending in Glass Heart. Please share your comments and let us know if you notice any errors or areas for improvement. We appreciate your feedback and wish you a wonderful day ahead!

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