Geometry Dash – All Vaults Secret Code

Welcome to this guide on Geometry Dash – All Vaults Secret Code. This comprehensive guide will provide you with information, gameplay, solutions, and guidelines on how to uncover all the hidden codes in Geometry Dash vaults.

Here are the vault codes you need to know:

Blockbite – Unlocks a UFO.

Spooky – Unlocks the Shy Guy Icon.

Neverending – Unlocks another UFO.

Mule – Unlocks a Ship.

With this code, you can now unlock a spaceship that is in search of Wave.

Gandalfpotter – Unlocks the Triangle Trail.

Sparky – Unlocks a Secret Coin.

Robotop – Unlocks Robots.

[Your Username] – Unlocks an Eye Icon (enter without brackets).

8-16-30-32, 46-84* – Unlocks the Illuminati Wave.

Moving on to the Vault of Secrets Codes:

Unlocks the Octopus Icon.

Brainpower – Unlocks the brain-like Shape Icon.

Seven – Unlocks the Finn (Adventure Time) Icon.

Thechickenisonfire – Unlocks the Bogwater Green Color.

Gimmiethecolor – Unlocks the Dark Red Color.

[Amount of your Stars] – Unlocks Secret Icons (enter without brackets).

Cod3breaker* – Unlocks the Skull Icon.

Glubfub** – Unlocks a Secret Coin.

Finally, here are the codes for the Chamber of Time:

Unlocks the Wave.

River – Unlocks the Dark Green Color.

Silence – Unlocks the alternative default icon.

Darkness – Unlocks the Face Icon.

Hunger – Unlocks the Hungry icon.

By following this guide and entering these codes, you can unlock a variety of secret items in Geometry Dash. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give them a try.

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