Fortnite Escape Room Codes February 2023 (Active Code)

Fortnite Escape Room is a game mode in Fortnite Creative where players are challenged to solve puzzles and complete objectives within a set time limit in order to escape from a virtual room. The rooms are created by other players and can range from easy to extremely difficult, based on different themes and strategies.

In this mode, players work together or solo to find clues and solve puzzles to escape from the room. The goal is to escape before time runs out and to achieve the best time possible. Players can enjoy the challenge and experience of escaping from the rooms with their friends or solo.

Here’s a list of some popular Fortnite Escape Room codes for players who want to challenge themselves:

  1. The Puzzle Room – 4994-0361-1216
  2. The Impossible Escape Room – 8733-3501-4072
  3. The Mindbenders Mansion – 2910-5883-5224
  4. The Ultimate Escape Room – 8541-9582-9685
  5. The Cube – 6969-6095-3356
  6. The Heist – 5336-4865-4451
  7. The Temple of Doom – 5573-1031-2370
  8. The Island – 6187-9898-7705
  9. The Imposter – 3319-1394-2944
  10. The Haunted Mansion – 6942-7986-5294

What are Fortnite Escape Room Codes?

Fortnite Escape Room codes are unique codes that players can enter in the Creative Hub in Fortnite to access specific Escape Room maps created by other players. These codes allow players to access and play different Escape Room maps, each with its own unique puzzles, objectives, and themes.

The codes can be redeemed by going to the Creative Hub, opening the “My Island” menu, and selecting “Enter Code”. Entering the code will bring up the map for players to play. The codes are usually provided by the map creators and can be found online or shared among players. These codes are subject to change or expire, so it’s recommended to redeem them as soon as possible.

Active Fortnite Escape Room Codes February 2023

Escape Room Code
Escape the Dream 2 4554-3196-9055
Calculated Trajectory: Part One 6671-4819-0781
Coulrophobia 2655-9116-5877
101 IQ Escape Map 9289-3219-5545
Stranger Things 8200-2722-1496
Winter Escape Room 2 6342-4609-2747
The Yacht Escape 2385-3342-5568
X-Brain 1584-6959-8151
Hauntophobia 6621-4642-3997
Agent Parker Escapes Planet Glesh! 8541-7760-0193
Escape Game: The Last Maze 7807-0098-3064
Escape 101 0477-9259-2809
100 Rooms 6126-3353-7805

How to redeem Fortnite Escape Room codes?

To redeem Fortnite Escape Room codes, follow these steps:

  1. Load up Fortnite and enter the game’s Creative mode.
  2. Click on “Create” and then “Start a Creative Server.”
  3. Open the “Creative Inventory,” and click on “Prefabs.”
  4. Use the search bar to find the “Escape Room” prefab, or browse through the prefabs until you find it.
  5. Once you’ve located the prefab, click on it to load it into your island.
  6. Now you’re ready to play! Input the code for the specific Fortnite Escape Room you want to play, into the “Escape Room” device.
  7. The game will begin once the code has been entered, and you and your friends can start solving the puzzles and escaping the room!
How do I play Fortnite Escape Room?

To play Fortnite Escape Room, you will need to start by opening Fortnite Creative Mode. You can access this mode by selecting the “Creative” option from the main menu. Once in the mode, you will be able to use a code to enter an Escape Room island created by a different player.

To enter the code, select “Island Code” and then enter the code provided. After entering the code, you will be taken to the island, where you can start playing the Escape Room. The objective of the game is to solve puzzles, riddles, and other challenges to escape the room within the given time limit.

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