Fear & Hunger – How to Farm Steal Tips

welcome, We hope this guide on stealing tips in Fear & Hunger will be of great assistance to you. This comprehensive list encompasses all the items that can be acquired using the “steal” skill, as well as how to master it.

How to Steal

As Cahara, you can choose the “Become a pickpocket” option in the backstory. Alternatively, you can learn how to steal by joining a Hexen table with a lesser soul or by going through a book of lost memories.

As any other character, you can gain insight by staying in bed or using the book. You can also brute force a bookshelf or use an empty scroll to create an actual scroll. Furthermore, you can acquire an empty scroll from Iron Shakespeare, which is an excellent use of one.

The Scroll of Thievery is a rare drop that can be found in bookcases, or you can kill Cahara, absorb his soul with the soul stone, and then learn to steal with lesser souls at the hexen table. Additionally, you can accept Nilvan’s terms to be granted an endless soul, then learn how to steal with fewer souls at the hexen table.

To learn how to steal, you can also write on an empty scroll using a quill. There is an unsailable scroll in Nosramus’ home, and quills can be found in crates.

You can also use the phrase “O Lord, teach me to steal” or “O Lord, give me endless knowledge” to learn how to steal with fewer souls at a hexen table.

The most straightforward method is to start as Cahara and select “Become a pickpocket” in the backstory. Alternatively, you can gain insight as any other character, create a scroll, or acquire an empty scroll from Iron Shakespeare.

How Steal Works

Steal requires action in combat, so it is best to use it in situations where the enemy has been disabled, or if there are more than one person in your group.

Steal always works as long as the target is an item that you can steal. However, once you have used steal on an enemy, you cannot repeat it on that particular enemy. Multiple instances of the same enemy will result in multiple steals.


() = The number of the opponent in this game

/ = Either. So orange/app means you’d get either an apple or an orange, 50/50 chance.

N/A= Not applicable, Nothing

Steal Pool

All doors and bars N/A

Infected by a brainflower – still has the exact same steal pool

Newgods – There isn’t a way to take

Guard(9) – 10 Silver coins/ Meat cleaver

1 Guard in prison map – Rotten meat/ Cell Key f3

Ghoul(2) – Rotten meat/ Dirt

Butterfly N/A

Solo Priest(2) – Studies of Alll-mer 1/Studies of Slyvian 1

(may be bugged, I’ve only been able to steal studies of Alll-mer in 20 steal attempts)

Duo Priests – Book of Enlightenment/ Studies of Gro-goroth

Human Hydra – N/A

Beheaded Wizard/Nas’hrah – N/A

Cavegnomes – N/A

Trortur 2F Key and Vault key

If you already have the 2F Key, you can take Murky liquid as well as the Vault Key

Lizardman(4) – 10 silver coins/ Crude sword

Cavemother (Both encounters). N/A

Old Knight – 5 silver coins/ Diamond

Old Knight ghost – N/A

Moonless – N/A

Yellow Mage(2) – 10 silver coins

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