Fear & Hunger 2: Termina – How to install Python Script

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the installation of the Python script for Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. This script enables your primary character to engage in “Party Talk,” a unique skill that allows for comments and interactions directed at the computer.

With this script, you will find yourself speaking aloud to yourself when alone in your gathering, adding an extra dimension to your gameplay experience.

If you’re a first-time player, we do not necessarily recommend against using this script. In fact, it can make your character’s personality more discernible, and you can get extra interactions in Party Talk because of it. However, we advise you to avoid using Party Talk until you complete the Prologue.

This is because activating Party Talk before completing the Prologue can result in mild spoilers. Nevertheless, if you decide to install it, do not activate Party Talk until you finish the Prologue.


To install the Python script, you can download the file from the download link provided below and unzip it. Afterward, drop the PCAPTscript.py into the directory of Fear & Hunger 2 Termina/www/data. If you’re not sure where that directory is located, you can right-click on the game on Steam and select “Manage” and then “Browse Local Files.” Finally, run the script with Python, and if you’ve placed it in the wrong folder, the script’s window will notify you.

Download Link – [catbox.moe]

In terms of compatibility, this script is entirely compatible with any other mod that doesn’t tamper with Party Talk activation parameters. Whether the mod alters what’s being said, adds or removes dialogues, or anything else, this script only changes the activation parameters for Party Talk from “Character is not the Player Character” to “Character being in party.”

Additionally, this script is designed with foresight, considering the possibility of Miro adding every single contestant as a playable character and even including up to 20+ new locations. As such, it should stay compatible with most, if not all, future versions of the game, provided the Party Talk code isn’t fundamentally changed on how it’s activated. You will need to rerun the script after every update as it will likely overwrite the Map files.

Problems or Bugs

Regarding problems or bugs, there aren’t any known bugs so far. However, odd behaviors might occur because of how the game structured the Party Talk mechanic. For example, when you’re playing alone, there will be narration about your actions in the third person, and your PC’s default name will be displayed in the Party Talk screen. This is because the name is hardcoded into the dialogue since the only character with a variable name (namely the PC) is not expected to talk.

If you’re playing as O’saa solo, you might end up asking yourself what you just whispered to yourself, then answering back with “nothing.” Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed without overhauling the Party Talk event’s structure.

One crucial thing to note is that during the Prologue, when you reach the plank dimension, you can use Party Talk. However, this might end up spoiling your gameplay experience since you’ll see the same comment your character would give when revisiting the place later in the game. This might be utter nonsense if it’s your first time playing and could end up being a red herring about your character knowing what’s up or not.

Download it from the official website: – [python.org]


To uninstall the script, you can simply verify your Steam game integrity cache, and that will revert the game to its vanilla version. However, if you’re not on Steam, make sure you have a backup of your “Fear & Hunger 2 Termina/www/data” directory. In that case, you can copy and paste your backup into the game directory.

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