Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – In-depth guide and Walkthrough

Discuss about the content in-depth guide and walkthrough for Farmer Against Potatoes Idle (FAPI). This post will provide you with quick and effective strategies to advance in the game and climb up the leaderboards. We hope you find this guide helpful.

FAPI mastery requires a combination of several small factors. This guide offers a comprehensive list of actions you can take to accelerate your progress in the game. Skipping even one of these steps can result in much slower progress. Therefore, we recommend following this guide thoroughly to reach A11+ quickly.

Please note that this guide may contain spoilers. If you prefer to avoid late game content, we suggest stopping here.

Here are the top 10 tips to advance in FAPI:

  1. Be a team player. Join a pet team that offers as many bonuses to their members as possible. Pet bonuses are crucial to achieving rapid progress in the game. The ideal team should include Esus Vishnou (Tock), Tock, The Governess Garuda, or Itzamna, providing you with 14 pet rewards. Look for teams that can boost pet attacks or other aspects, as they are even better. You can find such teams on spreadsheets or game guides on the FAPI Discord server.
  2. Use multiple teams. Have a common team that covers most bonuses and specialized teams that can collect worms/larva, reincarnation and item points, milk farming, and whack scores.
  3. Use the best pets for your expedition team. Ensure that all pets you use in your expeditions are with you and as high-ranking as possible.
  4. Cover all important bonus points. Missing even one bonus can be disastrous. For example, if you are on a team with no confection pets, it could take you two additional days to clear Ascension 10. So, add pets that have these bonuses if you are missing important bonuses.
  5. Spend your talents wisely. Spend your talent points according to priority. Train all the reincarnation nodes first, followed by residue nodes, clas xp, pet xp, milk, max potatoes, and skulls. Ensure that each clas and run follows the same talent priority to avoid wasting time doing runs that don’t lead to reincarnation.
  6. Prepare your reincarnation teams before reincarnating.
  7. Update your equipment regularly. Farm a new set of equipment every day, and increase your item scores by 50% or more each day. Always farm gear at key HARD levels such as 3-9h-4-9h and 5-9h.
  8. Keep your runs shorter than 12 hours. Your score multiplier slows down, and efficiency drops off after 12 hours.
  9. Join the FAPI Discord server and follow the chats. High-level players offer tips almost every minute, so it’s worth visiting the site to receive the latest game news and information about upcoming content changes.
  10. Use Freeloader most of the time. You can level up all your clases, but Freeloader can give you a bonus in terms of how many items it drops. These items allow you to upgrade your gear, making Freeloader a 2x or 3x superior clas. Perform cla*s runs to upgrade your gear.

Following these tips will help you advance quickly in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle. However, this is not an exhaustive guide, and there may be other strategies that work for you. Join the FAPI Discord server to receive more tips and up-to-date information. Good luck on your FAPI journey.

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