Eternal Dread 3 How to Modify Your Data File

This article Eternal Dread 3 players! This guide will assist you in modifying your game data file using Notepad, allowing you to acquire additional money, skill points, items, and more.

warn you:

  1. enjoy the game to its fullest, we recommend playing it normally and not using these modifications.
  2. Always remember to back up your UserData file before making any changes.

Here’s how you can modify your data file:

  1. Browse your local files and locate

  1. the UserData file under the Game_Data folder. It should be a *.xml file.

Open the file with Notepad and ensure that it is your UserData file.

To modify your character level:

  1. Identify your current level (e.g. level 30).
  2. Edit the value inside “<fhgfh>your-choice</fhgfh>” to your desired level (e.g. level 50).
  3. Exit the game to the menu without saving, then reload your save file to see the change. Your HP and MP will increase accordingly.

To modify your skill points and money:

  1. Edit the value inside “<mgjfert>your_choice</mgjfert>” for skill points.
  2. Edit the value inside “<nbds>your_choice</nbds>” for money.
  3. Reload the save file to see the changes.

To modify the quantities of your items:
  1. Edit the values inside “<yfu> </yfu>” in the order of the items you wish to modify.
  2. Reload the save file to see the changes.
To acquire items and weapons:
  1. Edit the value inside “<uidfhgd> </uidfhgd>” and make space for it inside “<yfu> </yfu>” to acquire an item.
  2. Edit the values inside “<EquipmentSet> </EquipmentSet>” to acquire a weapon.

To get a specific weapon with additional effects, refer to the UIDs of the items or weapons and the additional weapon effects. You could try and figure them out.

That’s all for our guide on modifying your data file in Eternal Dread 3. If you have any additional tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. All credit goes to the original author ᴴ₂ᴼ.

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