Edge Of Eternity – How to Get Radiant Quest

Welcome to this guide on how to Get radiant quests in Edge of Eternity. Our goal is to provide you with useful information on these unique missions, which are represented by purple markers in the game.


The majority of radiant quests can be found in some sort of NPC helping zone. You’ll encounter soldiers only in specific areas

Event: Nick of Time

Quest Giver: Ragna Alchemist

Objective: Collect at least 10 of the 15 Crimsonblooms scattered around the NPC and return them within two minutes.

Reward: Random item.

Time Limit: 2 seconds.

Before attempting to collect all Crimsonblooms, it’s recommended that you obtain a Necoarc mount.

Event: Off My Chest

Quest Giver: Crow with his brother

Objective: Look for a marked spot and find hidden treasure.

Reward: Random items (Superior Gemstone – not recommended, and uncertain if you’ll receive 500 Heyr back).

Time Limit: 12 minutes.

The first time you use the skill is free, but it will cost you 500 Heyr for each subsequent use.

Tier 1: Pay 500 Heyr to locate the chest in the large area.

Tier 2: Pay 500 Heyr to locate the chest in one of the three small zones.

Tier 3: Unknown.

Event: Recover Apothecary Satchel

Quest Giver: Novice Alchemist

Objective: Retrieve the novice’s satchel using a pack of three Croctas.

Reward: Choice of curative products (potions) or a bundle of herbs (Coachman’s Friend x6 or An Ambrosia Reed).

Time Limit: None.

Go to the quest marker and defeat the enemies.

Event: Help with Malpractice

Quest Giver: Apprentice

Objective: Treat a patient based on their symptoms, or let them die.

Reward: TBD.

Time Limit: None.

Speak with the apprentice before the quest to hear about the best way to treat each condition. Then, tend to a sick NPC.

Ormund the Storyteller

Quest Giver: Ormund the Storyteller

Objective: Click “next.”

Reward: Lore.

Time Limit: None.

Educate yourself and receive 100 Heyr at a low price.

Event: Beat the Soldiers

Quest Giver: Captain Herelsor

Objective: Defeat some of the Captain’s underlings to learn new moves.

Reward: Item (Fire bomb) and 500 Heyr.

Time Limit: None.

Talk to the Captain and defeat the soldiers.

We hope you found this guide on how to obtain radiant quests in Edge of Eternity helpful. Thank you for reading.

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