DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Frieza Race Pros and Cons Guide

In this post, we will delve into the DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Frieza Race Pros and Cons Guide, with a focus on whether the Frieza Race is worth playing. We hope that this guide proves useful to you.

The Frieza Race is a compelling option, and here’s why:


  • One of the highest ki loss outputs in the game
  • Regenerates stamina during combos
  • Golden transformation offers high kiblast damage and unique normal kiblast beams
  • Fastest race in the game


  • Second-lowest health pool in the game
  • Basic Attack Damage is below average
  • Strike supers are not well-supported

The Frieza Race is specifically designed for ki blast builds. Unfortunately, strike supers are not as effective for this race.

The Frieza Race CaCs can already be quite transparent in the Dragon Ball universe. However, their Golden form’s damage received buff of 15% makes them more vulnerable in their signature form. This vulnerability used to grant more ki during combos, but it was nerfed. This is where Beast comes in:

  • The Frieza Race does not receive guaranteed bonuses for powerful attacks or basic combos. Beast grants them an all-around 30% damage boost, bringing them on par with other races.
  • Beast optimizes the Frieza Race’s ki damage potential, making them even more deadly. Beast’s damage to ki blast is only 5% less than Golden Form’s damage to ki.
  • A 20% damage increase from Beast does not exceed 15% in Golden Form.
  • Frieza Race players now benefit from Beast’s most powerful combo.
  • The Frieza Race is already fast, so they won’t miss out on the speed boost that other transformations offer.

Beast allows the Frieza Race to generate ki faster via combos. This option was available in Golden Form, but it was removed due to a 10% ki reduction.

Is Beast a suitable transformation for Frieza Race gamers? I would say “yes” more often than “no.” Beast is demonstrably better than the Golden transformation, and the Frieza Race already has glass cannons. The risks of Beast’s damage are minimal compared to the advantages it provides.

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