DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Earthlings + Namekians and Majins Pros and Cons

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the pros and cons of playing as Earthlings, Namekians, and Majins in DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2. Our primary objective is to assist you in finding the best solution to the dilemma that will undoubtedly arise as you experiment with the new Beast transformation introduced in the latest DLC. What personality type does it suit the most? How can you maximize your damage output? Can you survive with your character sporting this new, absurdly tall hair? We aim to provide answers to these questions from a purely numerical or game mechanics perspective.

Earthlings, Namekians, Majins – Are they worth it?

In this section, we will discuss the three races mentioned above together as they all have a similar issue: Potential Unleashed (PU) is the only traditional transformation they have apart from their race-specific abilities. Since their gameplay styles differ, we will not include Purification, Giant, and Power Pole Pro in this comparison. It’s not an issue of performance or damage but rather a playstyle issue.

Here’s a breakdown for Beast Specifically with Potential Unleashed (PU) as well as a context-based analysis for the other races.

  1. General Information to Know: Potential Unleashed (PU) Vs. Beast

For all races, it’s possible to do an uncomplicated damage comparison. PU grants 15% to all attacks, while Beast gives an additional 30% bonus to all attacks. It’s simple math. This is where the fun begins: Beast gets a 20% increase in damage for every damage that is taken, whereas PU gets reduced by 5% in damage suffered. That means that theoretically, a Beast player vs. the PU player would have an outcome of 25% damage output for the Beast player (30% + 5% reduction in damage from PU) vs. 35% damage output for the PU player (15% + 20% damage suffered by the Beast Player). In this hypothetical scenario, PU is the stronger transformation.

Some other things to note:

  • PU gets speed buffs, Beast does not.
  • PU only requires 500 ki to transform, while Beast requires 500 ki to complete its transformation.

So on paper, Beast seems inferior. But there’s another important aspect to consider in this particular comparison: Beast is a teleporter. Beast has teleportation available in its combos, just like Saiyans. Beast gets a unique combination that is by far the strongest in the game. With all of this in mind, is it worth the effort to do it?

  1. Earthlings
First, a reminder of Earthling Racial Traits:
  • Well balanced across all types of damage.
  • Ki auto-regeneration (stacks using ki from combos and super soul effects).
  • Probably the best combination strings in the game.
  • Average health pool.
  • Bonus for males to strike supers.
  • Bonus to ki supers for females.
  • Arguably the most noob-friendly race out of all the characters.

Beast is a great tool to have with Earthlings. You can play in the Super Saiyan Gods power scale, which means that your damage output will be awe-inspiring. Earthlings are versatile across all damage types, and their ki recovery will complement Beast’s higher ki recovery. PU is certainly the safer choice for an Earthling CaC, but Beast is an extremely viable option for Earthling players. The biggest risk is the following: the long time to transform and the fact that some of the Earthling combos are replaced by Beast combinations. Some players who sweat online love Earthlings for their combos, and this could actually be a negative for you.

  1. Namekians


  • Stamina regeneration rates are 15% higher than other races by default.
  • Regen

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