Days Gone – How to Save a File for Gold in All Challenges

Welcome to this guide on Days Gone – How to Save a File for Gold in All Challenges. This guide provides extensive gameplay information, basic builds, and solution guidelines to help you achieve success in the game.

Links and Locations

To start, it is important to back up your saves before proceeding. You can find your saved files at C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\BendGame\Saved\long_number\SaveGames. Additionally, you can download my files from this link: – []. Make sure to disable Steam Cloud sync and ensure the folder is visible before starting the game.

Gold Team Rules

The Gold Team Rules provide insight into how to achieve a gold medal in all challenges. I have left a combat challenge for you to beat on gold, which is relatively simple. To start, choose one aim stability and another for any additional preferences.

Then, stay behind a building and lazily kill any approaching enemies. For the first teams, I recommend melee kills to stack up in melee kills. In later waves, leave a single enemy alive and circle them. For stealth kills, approach from behind. Finally, take headshots and harvest dropped ammo. Medkits are also plentiful.

Days Gone – How to Save a File for Gold in All Challenges is the subject of this guide. Follow these rules and guidelines to achieve success and get medals in every category by beating this one simple test.

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