Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Get Access in Counter-Strike 2 Closed Beta Edit

In this guide, we will provide you with detailed steps on how to gain access to the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 Closed Beta.

How to Get Access in Counter-Strike 2 Closed Beta Edit

Firstly, it is recommended to check your game files on Steam to ensure there are no errors. To obtain an invite to the CS2 beta, open the CSGO client and check for a Closed Beta invitation notification. If you receive a notice, click the “ENROLL” button and update with CS2 files. Once completed, you can choose between the CS:GO beta and the beta version of CS2 (“Limited Test” option) when starting the game.

If you do not receive an email notification, you can look into the game cache by opening the Steam Library, finding CS:GO, right-clicking on the game, selecting “Properties,” opening the Local Files tab, and clicking “Verify the Integrity of Cache.” If you still do not receive an invitation, waiting for the next wave of invites may be your best option.

To increase your chances of gaining access to the CS2 Closed Beta, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be active on Steam by leveling up, purchasing games, and evaluating skins at the workshop. The system will recognize that you are not an automated system.
  2. Ensure that your account is at least three years old and is preferably at level 5-8 on Steam.
  3. Play the game on official servers, including mm servers and skins tied to the drop (Faceit is also suitable).
  4. Playing with at least five friends in mm is the best way to develop an e-beta.
  5. Take screenshots, upload them to Steam, update the review of the game, and attach a picture.
  6. Write guides to show your knowledge and expertise.
  7. Praise your teammates and yourself to accumulate fewer reports.
  8. Test your Confidence Factor by going to the well-known competitor platform, Faceit, and pasting your Steam profile link to determine your trust level.

Please note that accounts that are not Prime, have bad trust factors, inactive steam accounts, or have a Vac lock will not have access to the CS2 Closed Beta. Also, accounts that are only created using purchased games may have to wait until the end of summer. While your rank may not be affected, it can impact the rate of receiving beta.

In conclusion, even if you have a high rank like Lem with 1k hours of gameplay, there is no guarantee that you will be selected for the CS2 Closed Beta. However, Valve may add players like you in the future, so keep your hopes up.

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