Corpse Party – All Name Tag Locations in All Chapters

 We are thrilled to present to you our comprehensive guide to all the name tag locations in every chapter of Corpse Party (2021). Our utmost desire is that you will find this guide to be of immense help in your quest to obtain all the associated achievements.

Each of the five major chapters contains numerous collectibles, and in Heavenly Horst, you can discover a whopping 84 nametags of the deceased. We will delve deep into each segment, providing in-depth details that include spoilers. You can rest assured that you’ll find the location of every nametag in each chapter.

To make things easier for you, we have created a map and noted down the positions of all the name tags, even though we couldn’t capture screenshots of every single one.

Corpse Party (2021) – All Name Tag Locations in All Chapters – Intro – F906BE8

Chapter 1:

Corpse Party (2021) – All Name Tag Locations in All Chapters – Chapter 1 – A57D2B8

Chapter 1 contains six collectable nametags that can be found during natural progression of the chapter.

Name Tag 1 – Yoshiyuki Shinohara:

The first nametag can be found in cla*sroom 2A while playing as Naomi or Seiko. You can collect it by simply looking at the bones after the cutscene.

Name Tag 2 – Yuzuha Mikami:

In the hallway on the first floor, you’ll find a small skeleton and a note. The note contains additional information regarding the Seisei Academy for Girls student who became a victim in Heavenly Host.

Name Tag 3 – Koito Fujiwara:

Walking through the first-floor hallway will eventually lead you to a T junction. Turning left will take you to a second corpse and a different note. This note tells you the story of who the victim was before you.

Name Tag 4 – Asuka Kato:

This corpse appears after exploring the first floor, and the best place to find it is on the third floor in classroom 5-A, along with another note.

Name Tag 5 – Sasha Shinonome:

This victim won’t spawn if you explore the third floor before it, and you may have to read each body’s notes. You can find it on the third floor, next to the toilets.

Name Tag 6 – Shin Aichi:

The last nametag for chapter 1 can be found in clasroom 3-A. After picking up the key at the stairwell by clas 1-A, you can unlock the room.

Chapter 2

In chapter 2 of Corpse Party, players can collect a total of six name tags, which are crucial to uncovering the game’s hidden secrets. These name tags can be obtained by playing as Yoshiki or Ayumi, and we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find them all.

Name Tag 1: Kai Shimada

Name Tag 2: Tomohiro Ohkawa

Name Tag 3: Masato Fukuroi

Name Tag 4: Hikari Kirigami

All of these name tags can be collected simultaneously. To do so, players must explore the first-floor hallway and interact with various objects until they trigger a cutscene. This will reveal the location of all four name tags.

Name Tag 5: Emi Kudou

To collect the fifth name tag, players must continue down the hallway to the left and enter classroom 4-A. The corpse of the fifth victim can be found outside the classroom, along with the first victim memoir.

Name Tag 6: Ryosuke Kathayama

The sixth and final name tag can be obtained by progressing through the chapter until players reach the third-floor bathrooms. The last corpse can be found hidden in a corner, and the name tag can be retrieved from its body.

With this guide, players can easily locate all six name tags in chapter 2 of Corpse Party, and unlock the game’s secrets with ease.

Chapter 3

Get ready to collect all 16 name tags in Chapter 3 of Corpse Party (2021)! But beware, as one of them may be blocked by a bad ending, so it’s wise to save your temp data before you start.

First, play as Satoshi, Yuka, and Yuka to find the first half of the name tags. You can find the first two name tags, Takayuki Motomura and Hirokomotomura, in cla*sroom 2A. When you examine the first corpse, a dialogue will start. To get the name tag, you need to check the corpse again. The second body is next to a note.

The third name tag, Mitsuhara Ohtaki, is found in the first victim memoirs, which you can access through the top entrance of classroom 2-A. For the fourth tag, Mao Kashiwatani, you need to use the loose board to get to the top floor, where you’ll find the corpse and a note.

The fifth tag, Megumi Sugii, is located on the stairs leading to the bathrooms on the east side. Meanwhile, the sixth name tag, Mika Naruse, can be found in the second wing of the building. When you exit the hallway, check the corpse on the right.

For the seventh tag, Kaori Kimura, go west to the stairs leading to the second wing. You’ll find a body at the bottom. Climb all the way up to find the eighth tag, Ryoko Fujiwara, as well as a skeleton.

The ninth name tag, Nao Takahashi, can be found in the east staircasewell after following a straight path down the hallway.

Now it’s Kizami’s turn. As Kizami, return to the first wing of Heavenly Host and go north from where the ghost boy was. You’ll be able to move a cabinet, revealing the next corpse. This one is tricky to spot due to low visibility and is the tenth name tag, Akihiko Kagurazaka.

The eleventh and twelfth name tags, Yuuki Tsuruta and Hatto Sudo, can be found next to each other slightly away from the first one. Turn right and find another corpse down the hall for the thirteenth tag, Emi Urabe.

For the fourteenth tag, Kanau Sachimura, turn left and head towards an inaccessible corpse. Retrieve the name tag by returning to the cabinet at the second wing entrance and collecting a loose board to close the gap and access the body.

Next, go to the left stairwell for the second floor and find a corpse. It will take several examinations before you can get the fifteenth name tag, Mitsuki Yamamoto.

Finally, the sixteenth and last name tag, Kain Hagiwara, can only be obtained by switching to Satoshi at the end of the chapter in the staff lounge. But be aware that the last page of the victim memoirs can block your route to the room, so it’s best to do a temp save before you begin reading it.

 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Corpse Party (2021) presents yet another thrilling challenge for avid gamers to explore. With sixteen name tags scattered throughout the chapter, players will have to exercise their keen observation skills and switch between different characters to locate each one.

Starting off with Satoshi, the first name tag belonging to Yuuya Kumada can be found on the east stairway after some story progression. Kotowe Kuroyama and Mari Rokuhara’s name tags can also be found shortly after, with Kizami leading players to the second and fourth stalls in the bathroom.

As control switches to Ayumi, players will find Seiko Tanaka’s name tag immediately upon returning to the main building. Yuma Misaki and Tomoe Mizuki’s name tags can be found in the north hall, where a pair of corpses lay waiting.

Further exploration leads to the discovery of Yohsuke Maebana’s name tag just before entering the west side stairway, with Hotaru Kanzaki and Nayuki Minatogawa’s name tags waiting to be found in clas sroom 1.A.

Satoshi’s control is regained by making your way toward classroom 4-A, where players will find Takuya Arai’s name tag alongside a notice and a body. After some story progression, Yoshiki takes over and leads players to the pool area, where Mitsuki Kamijou and Kanzuki Saito’s name tags can be found in the locker room and near where the spirit walked, respectively.

Finally, the last four bodies can be found after draining all the water from the pool, with two in the lower parts and two in the upper parts. With a total of sixteen name tags to be discovered, players will need to stay alert and utilize each character’s unique abilities to uncover all the secrets hidden in Corpse Party’s Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 (part 1)

Chapter 5 of Corpse Party (2021) is an extensive chapter with a total of 40 name tags to be found. To make it easier to understand, let’s break it down into two major parts. In this first section, we’ll cover all the name tags that can be found in both the main building and the second wing, specifically name tags 1 to 21.

The first name tag we’ll encounter is Yuka’s, which can be found after climbing the second-wing stairs. You’ll find the body at the stairwell landing. Name tag 2 is Ayana Misono’s, and name tag 3 is Toshimi Shinomiya’s. You’ll find both corpses at the end of the hallway with the slime tiles. Be sure not to miss them!

Name tag 4 is Kokuhaku Akaboji’s, which can be found on an art bust down the hall from the previous corpses. Name tag 5 belongs to Rio Kazane and can be found by turning left past the art bust to reach the stairwell. Look for the skeleton at the dead-end, which is at the very bottom.

As you continue to the east corridor and go into the music area, you’ll find Kaya Kizaki’s body towards the bottom corner. Sunoko Tamura’s name tag is number 7, followed by Hideki Tachibana’s at number 8, and Mai Kumasaki’s at number 9. You’ll find these three corpses immediately after exiting the music area and heading up.

Name tag 10 belongs to Mio Kanaki, whose dead body is seated in a chair to the right at the end of the hall. You’ll be trapped here since it’s a dead end. Name tag 11 is Kagemi Yano’s, which can also be found near the stairs at the end of classroom 1-A.

Name tag 12 belongs to Shiho Hasegawa, which you’ll find after going down the stairs and following some progressions. Kyosuke Himonya’s name tag is number 13, and you’ll find the skeleton by turning back towards the main entryway.

Kensuke Kurosaki’s name tag cannot be collected when playing as Yuka. However, once you reach the point where Satoshi is back playing, you can collect it while exploring the second wing. All you have to do is examine the corpse. Name tag 15 belongs to Yuuki Nishimiya, and you’ll find the corpse by continuing down the hallway in the main structure.

Name tag 16 belongs to Tohko Kirisaki, and you’ll encounter another body if you go upstairs to the east hallway on the second floor. To pull a lever, you’ll need to pass by this corpse. Yuuya Kizami’s name tag is number 17, and you can find it right beside the entrance to the science lab when you switch back to Ayumi.

Kazunari Takayanagi’s name tag is number 18, and you’ll find the corpse between the tables in the lower half of the science lab. Name tag 19 belongs to Naho Saenoki, and you’ll find it in the reference space after collecting all the pages from Naho’s notebook. Name tag 20 belongs to Takuji Mizuno, and you’ll find the corpse as you head down the hall towards the incinerator. The body will be visible as you descend the stairs towards the science lab.

Last but not least, Makoto Nagareyama’s name tag is number 21, and you’ll find the corpse at the bend in the hallway leading to the incinerator as you enter the L-shaped hallway. These are all the name tags you

Chapter 5 (part 2)

Corpse Party (2021) – All Name Tags Locations Guide for All Chapters – Chapter 5 (Part 2) – C23DA67

Welcome to part 2 of chapter 5 in Corpse Party (2021), where we will cover all name tag locations from 22 to 40. All of these name tags can be found within the bomb shelter, so let’s get started!

Name Tag 22 – Nana Ogasawara

Name Tag 23 – Chihiya Yamase

Name Tag 24 – Nari Amatoya

As Satoshi, you can find three name tags within the dissection space. The first one is located in the bottom right corner, the second one can be found in the small bucket located close to the skeleton, and the third one is in the bucket at the top-right corner.

Name Tag 25 – Sayaka Ooue

Name Tag 26 – Masayki Hayashi

Name Tag 27 – Kaori Hasegawa

Name Tag 28 – Ken Fujii

Name Tag 29 – Kotomi Nashimoto

Name Tag 30 – Hinata Ouin

Name Tag 31 – Tsutaya Azuma

Name Tag 32 – Marina Okada

Name Tag 33 – Ryoto Kumakawa

Name Tag 34 – Yuki Sakakibara

Name Tag 35 – Izuru Ohkami

When playing as Ayumi, you can find 11 name tags in the body disposal room from the various bodies scattered throughout the floor. However, the ones in the pool are inaccessible.

During the final escape sequence of the game, the last few name tags become available for you to collect. These can be easy to miss because the final section is often tense and timed. These items can only be collected after the ritual, so I recommend setting up a temp save to ensure you don’t miss any name tags or fail to escape in one go.

Name Tag 36 – Takuya Nishimura

To find this name tag, go to the bathroom and inspect the ground.

Name Tag 37 – Yasuji Morita

Name Tag 38 – Tomoyuki Hamada

You can find these name tags in the corner of the stairs and the trap door once you reach the area where the pillars were (where you had been following the blue spirit).

Name Tag 39 – Yasuhiko Nomura

This one can be tricky, but you need to solve it again. It is located on the left side of the table, so you can safely walk down.

Name Tag 40 – Tohru Fujimoto

This tag can be found on the left side table at the beginning of the first spirit puzzle, just near the previous name tag.

That’s it for all the name tags in chapter 5 (part 2) of Corpse Party (2021). Happy exploring!

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