Card Quest – How to Unlock Dwarven Warrior Subclass

Welcome to our guide on how to unlock the Dwarven Warrior Subclas in Card Quest. We hope you find this tutorial to be of great use to you. This subclas, alongside the Holy Warrior, is straightforward to unlock. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Dwarven Warrior Subclass to unlock it.

Setup the Dwarven Warrior Subclass to Unlock

Style: Guardian School

To unlock the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s, you need to use the Guardian School style. This defensive posture is costly in STAMINA, but it has many benefits. Recovery Dodge is the most important card, as it regenerates STAMINA and TACTICS each time it is used, and it generates 1 STAMINA per CHAIN. Tactical Strike is also handy, but it’s best to save it for monsters with STRIKEBACK.

Primary: Battle Axe

The Battle Axe is the primary weapon you should use to unlock the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s. Axe Hack should be your primary attack, as it deals a lot of damage in a CHAIN and has no negative effects. Axe Strike, on the other hand, should be saved for more potent monsters that can be put in STUN.

Secondary: Dwarven Tower Shield

The Dwarven Tower Shield is a critical component to unlocking the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s. It is highly defensive, and Dwarven Block is an excellent protection build, especially with all the defensive perks. Turtle Up works best with a CHAIN because the results are identical, but it is less expensive. In most turns, you can use these to your benefit. Pay close attention to your defense and maintain it high!

Armor: Dwarven Plate Armor

Dwarven Plate Armor is essential in unlocking the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s. This armor offers excellent buffs and comes with a fantastic +16 HP. It decreases STAMINA levels by 3 and STAMINA regenerates by 1, but it’s not a problem. It blocks 2 more damage and increases defense for two full turns. It recharges at the end of every battle, so you will use it a lot.

Trinket: Rage Mushrooms

Rage Mushrooms is the trinket you need to unlock the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s. Although we don’t really care about the RAGE aspect of this build, it is useful for increasing the STAMINA of your body by 1. They can also be used to give 3 STAMINA or decrease ALCOHOL level by 1 and provide a single card. They can only be recharged once per battle.

unlocking the Dwarven Warrior Subcla*s in Card Quest is easy if you play defensively. The Dwarven Mountains are the only location where you can unlock it. Although you can complete it at any time, it is best to do so after facing the final boss.

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