Card Quest – First Level: Dwarven City

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Card Quest – First Level: Dwarven City. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to build your character and handle specific monsters you will encounter during the game.

Dwarven City, First Level

First and foremost, we can unlock the Dwarven Warrior Subclass, which is a straightforward and optimal choice for this level. The next level has similar monsters and is handled in the same manner. Here’s an alphabetical list of possible encounters, along with explanations of their functions.

Barricades are frequently seen in Dwarven City, and they are simple to destroy while providing 1 DODGE to monsters close to them. Chests can be found in at least one round of the Dwarven City, which holds a Healing Potion inside that can replenish 2 points of your health. It’s essential to keep your defense high for this level and the following two levels. Be aware of your opponent’s attack strength and your armor, which can often help you avoid damage and conserve your STAMINA for your next turn.

The Dwarven Alchemist is not a major issue, but it can attack at a distance and may even poison you if you’re not protected against it. What is more irritating is the fact that it can heal up to 6 health on other creatures when they are damaged. Ensure to kill more powerful monsters as soon as you can.

The Dwarven Cannon has low ARMOR and high damage, shooting cannonballs from a distance, and then tries to strike you in close proximity. Although they’re not a significant problem, be aware of them, as well as any other shooting monsters like the Dwarven Shooter or Dwarven Elite Shooter.

Dwarven Guards are common enemies in the Dwarven City, and they’re similar to most creatures in the city, but they don’t have armor, so you shouldn’t have any issues when facing them. Dwarven Heavy Guards are stronger versions of the Dwarven Guard and come with additional health and armor.

The Dwarven Elite Shooter is a more potent version of the Dwarven Shooter, and they’re almost identical, except that they have FURY and are capable of shooting twice per turn. Dwarven Pyromancers can shoot fire with magical power, but they aren’t difficult to deal with.

Dwarven Shooters are similar to the Dwarven Guard, but they can shoot crossbow bolts. They can fire a single shot, regardless of whether they’re near or far away. This model has an increased ARMOR than Dwarven Guard, but it isn’t a problem. Dwarven Spiked Guards are even more dangerous than the Dwarven Guard and are equipped with additional STRIKEBACK damage. To eliminate them, you’ll require Tactical Strike saved.

The Fire Elemental is an uncommon appearance in Dwarven City, with the exception of the boss, High Pyromancer. They die naturally since they lose 1 health each turn. If you don’t have enough money, protect your attackers, and don’t spend the chance to use a Tactical Strike. The High Pyromancer is the chief of Dwarven City, and he’s relatively easy to work with. Each turn, the player summons one Fire Elemental.

We hope that this guide helps you in navigating through Card Quest – First Level: Dwarven City. Remember to keep your defense high, and always be aware of your opponent’s attack strength and your armor. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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