Card Quest – Dragon’s Lair Possible Encounter

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Dragon’s Lair 

Dragon’s Lair is a treacherous place, and the challenge of unlocking the Dwarven Warrior Subclas can be daunting. In order to successfully obtain it, you must first tackle the Storm Master Subclas Unlock of the Wizard Cla*s. It is imperative to keep your defenses high as many dragons may be lurking at a distance, waiting to strike. Patience is key, and avoid damaging them until they are within your reach. Let me now describe in alphabetical order, the various monsters you will encounter in Dragon’s Lair, as in the previous sections.


The Chest is the central mob of a rare mob in Round 4, which includes hidden enemies such as dragons, along with the Dwarven Thief. Please refer to the separate entry below for more details. If you manage to obtain the Key from the Dwarven Thief and not destroy the box, you will be rewarded with 1 Healing Potion. This task should not pose a challenge depending on your build.


The Dragon in Dragon’s Lair is a formidable foe that possesses greater health and deals more damage than the Young Dragon, which is essentially the same creature. Fortunately, the same tactics that work against the Young Dragon will also work against the Dragon.

Dragon Egg

Please be aware that the Dragon Egg has 4 health when it appears, contrary to the photo above which indicates 2. It is best to avoid striking them and allow them to open naturally, although a Tactical Strike is acceptable. Each egg contains a Dragonling (refer to separate entries below). Occasionally, a straight-row of Dragon Eggs may appear, flanked by 2 HIDDEN ENTEMIES (usually 1 Dragon or 1 Young Dragon, sometimes 2 Young Dragons). It is recommended to take out 1 or 2 Dragon Eggs to get the HIDDEN Enemies to appear and eliminate them before they become a nuisance.


Dragonlings are plentiful in Dragon’s Lair. They are weaker and easier to defeat than the other dragons, but they have FURY. If your defense is strong enough, you can withstand any attack that they throw at you unless you have Recovery Dodge, which generates STAMINA AND TACTICS.

Dwarven Thief

The Dwarven Thief is a rare encounter in Round 5, and is the mob you will be facing. The Chest can be seen in the center of your screen, so please refer to the separate entry above for more details. Although the Dwarven Thief can be annoying with his DODGE and FURY abilities, he should not pose a significant threat, and you will obtain a key to unlock the Chest upon his defeat.

Great Módir

The Great Módir is the boss at Dragon’s Lair, and it possesses a range of abilities. Although it has 3 ARMOR, it is inconsequential as you will eventually inflict enough damage. Your primary concern should be keeping your defense up as multiple attacks may occur. Pay close attention to Great Modir’s health, as it will summon Dragons or Young Dragons at various points during the battle (refer to separate entries below). Keep the eggs flanking Great Modir (see separate article above) until they hatch. It is possible to damage Great Modir enough to hatch the Dragonlings before they are ready (refer to separate entry), so exercise caution. When the dragons appear, focus your attacks on them until Great Modir is the last one standing, and then eliminate it. Playing defensively and prioritizing your defense over damage will make this battle straightforward. Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the Dwarven Warrior Sub.

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