Boneraiser Minions – Vampire Survivor

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Meta Prerequisite Meta Description
Blood Thirst None Touching enemies sucks them giving thee bones.
Regenerative Soil None Thou regains health when standing still (and not sucking enemies).
Bat Party None Bats emerge to celebrate when boneraising a fresh skelly minion.
Blood Invigoration None Thy running speed is boosted when near Max Health, but thy running speed is also reduced when low health.
Marrow Succor Blood Thirst or Regenerative Soil Sucking enemies increases thy Max Health.
Bat Chums Regenerative Soil or Bat Party When thou are hurt, vampiric bat maties shall emerge to defend thee.
Blood Constitution Marrow Might, Regenerative Soil or Raise Batspellious Damage thou suffer is reduced when near Max Health.
Marrow Might Marrow Succor or Blood Constitution Increasing Max Health also boosts suckage damage.
Raise Batspellious Blood Constitution or Bat Chums Raising or upgrading a Batty minion shall gift a Batty Swarm spell.
Batty Friendship Blood Thirst or Blood Invigoration Thy starting Barrow Boner becomeths a Bellow Batty minion, and increases the chance of being offered Batty boneraises.
Bat Madness Blood Invigoration or Bat Party Thou gain +50% extra mausoleum bats whenever they shall emerge.
Sinfulus Batty Batty Friendship or Batty Brew Thou can summon a Bellow Batty deamon without a Hero Soul pickup.
Batty Brew Blood Invigoration or Sinfulus Batty Thy Bellow Batty minions shall shriekily attack +50% faster. And yes their deamonically possessed forms benefit too!

Vampire Survivor unlocked Strategy

Vampire Survivor is a class in the game that can be unlocked by taking 666 or more cumulative damage during play. The count is not affected by healing or regeneration in any way. This meta set is great for general survival purposes, featuring a potentially huge health pool, high speeds, and terrain control.

The key perk of Vampire Survivor is Blood Thirst, which grants you a contact damage melee attack that gives bones, increases your Max Health with Marrow Succor, and deals greater damage as your Max Health grows with Marrow Might. However, you must be careful not to let your health drop too low while growing out your maximum, as you will still take damage during contact with enemies. This meta set shines during the early game and waves of weak enemies, but as you progress further, you will want to avoid contact with high damage enemies such as Ogres and Custodians.

Blood Invigoration gives you much greater agility, which grows in potency as your Max Health expands. However, your speed is greatly decreased if you’re at low health, so you must take care not to let your health get too low when biting foes, else you risk ending your run abruptly. Blood Constitution also favors being at high health when biting to reduce the damage. When you back off, Regenerative Soil can bring you back up to condition again quickly.

Vampire Survivor also has an affinity for bats, both the Bellow Batty minion and the Batty Swarm spell. Bellow Batties push foes away, and their level 3 and demonic forms will drain health from enemies with their attack and heal you with it, further tying into the survival aspect of Vampire. Batty Brew causes this attack to occur faster, giving you more health overall, and Sinfulus Batty means you can create demon bats without needing a hero soul, giving you an incentive to raise bats whenever you can. However, bat damage tends to be on the low side, so you will need to supplement them with other minions.

The Batty Swarm spell causes a swarm of bats to fly down the central third of the map vertically, causing damage to any enemy they touch. Vampire has a particular affinity for this spell, being able to obtain a scroll of it with any bat raise or upgrade with Raise Batspellious, and Bat Madness lends extra potency to casts. Using your advanced speed, try to maneuver tough enemies into the column of bats to soften them up a bit.

There are several synergies to consider as well. Bellow Batty is very synergistic with your meta set, but note that bats do not cause any damage until upgraded to level 2, and even then their damage remains on the low side.

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