Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class

Today our article about the Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class. We extend our warmest welcome to this article, which we trust will prove most informative in its discussion of the Boneraiser Minions – specifically, the Liche Necromancer class.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of each playable class in the game, along with a detailed strategy guide.

Liche Necromancer:

Behold the Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class, identified by the code 401DF88. As a Liche Necromancer, you subsist as a decrepit skeletal husk woven in undeath, and the very bones of weak-willed dead rattle at your approach.


Let us begin by examining the meta, specifically the Companion Chum prerequisite. It is worth noting that there is no requirement for this class, making it readily accessible to players of all levels.


As a Liche Necromancer, you will rise anew with an extra random minion friendo. However, your Max Health will be reduced by -10. It is worth noting that this class exists twice on the grid, directly above and below center, both with no prerequisites. It stacks to a total of two extra starting minions and a penalty of -20 Max Health.

Crowd Cheerleader:

The Crowd Cheerleader prerequisite is also worth discussing. Like the Companion Chum prerequisite, there is no specific requirement for this meta.


Each level 1 skelly minion increases all your legion’s damage.

Minion Invigoration:

Another crucial meta to consider is the Minion Invigoration, which also has no prerequisite.


Each and every legion minion increases your Max Health. However, note that smelly little Barrow Boners do not count!

Bone Rattler:

If you have the Companion Chum (Top Row) or Crowd Cheerleader prerequisite, then the Bone Rattler meta is one to consider.


Your bone suckage abilities shall become truly jaw-breaking.

Divergent Force:

The Divergent Force meta requires either the Bone Enticement or Crowd Cheerleader prerequisite.


Each different minion in your legion increases all attack speeds. However, note that merely leveling up a skelly minion won’t count!

Bone Enticement:

If you have the Bone Rattler or Divergent Force prerequisite, then the Bone Enticement meta is worth considering.


When boneraising a fresh skelly minion, all unsucked bones shall most surely be sucked right to thee.

Barrow Boneraise:

With the Companion Chum (Top Row) or Minion Invigoration prerequisite, you can unlock the Barrow Boneraise meta.


Barrow Boners have a chance of spawning as a skelly minion.

Bone Seer:

If you have the Companion Chum (Bottom Row) or Minion Invigoration prerequisite, then the Bone Seer meta is worth considering.


When boneraising a fresh skelly minion, you shall also gain an extra re-roll when choosing minions.

Minionous Mortis:

The Minionous Mortis meta requires either the Minion Invigoration or Bone Salvager prerequisite.


Upon your seeming demise, a random skelly minion shall be drained of its life force, thus revitalising your health.

Bone Salvager:

If you have the Bone Seer or Minionous Mortis prerequisite, then the Bone Salvager meta is worth considering.


You shall rise able to re-roll six times when choosing minions.

Unlock Method

The Unlock Method for Liche Necromancer involves raising 11 green skeleton minions during gameplay, without using bro minions, upgrades, or fusions.

The strategy

The strategy for playing as Liche Necromancer involves building up a large force of low-quality minions quickly through boneraises, which are the primary source of power. The key meta is Crowd Cheerleader, which increases the damage output of your entire legion for every unupgraded green skeleton minion. To further increase damage, it is important to also raise other types of minions, as Divergent Force increases their attack speed for each different kind of minion. Upgrading support minions such as Augurs, Witches, and Tanglers is also crucial for improving the legion’s damage output.

Although using all meta active results in a -20 to Max Health, Minion Invigoration meta increases your Max Health for every minion you have, allowing you to scale out of this disadvantage quickly. However, you must be more cautious in the early game. The Minionous Mortis perk sacrifices a skelly minion whenever you die, which can cancel out fatal mistakes at a cost, but should not be relied upon.

For utility, Bone Rattler and Bone Enticement make it safer to obtain pickups without leaving your minions, while Companion Chum and Bone Salvager give you a strong start to quickly build up your legion.

It should be noted that Barrow Boneraise does not work with the Barrowen Caress spell, as it is a pa*sive meta.

Synergies can be found with Meldum Serum, which allows you to raise a meldus minion by sacrificing only one minion, effectively halving the cost of meldus minions. The Penitence Pin allows you to take damage and gain a level one skelly minion, which is advantageous for building up your numbers. The Deboning Cutlery, with three stacks, gives each boneraise a 12% chance of getting an extra random minion for free, which ties into Crowd Cheerleader and is great for padding out your numbers.

We hope this Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Cla*s guide was informative and enjoyable.

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