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Are you an ardent fan of Roblox’s Blox Fruits? If so, you must know how crucial it is to select the optimal Devil Fruit to advance through the game. However, what if you already possess the Dark Fruit and aspire to unleash its complete potential? This guide will assist you in awakening the Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits and maximizing its distinctive abilities.

Acquiring the Dark Fruit

Before you can awaken the Dark Fruit, you must obtain it. Seek out the Blox Fruit Dealer and await the Dark Fruit to appear among the offers. Once it becomes available, you can exchange it for either 500,000 Beli or 950 Robux. Alternatively, you can try your fortune with your cousin, a Blox Fruits Dealer, although the likelihood of obtaining the Dark Fruit from them is lower.

Honing Your Skills

After acquiring the Dark Fruit, you must dedicate time to refining your skills. Battle against various opponents, level up your Mastery, and assess the fruit’s abilities yourself. If you are satisfied with what you observe, it is time to awaken the Dark Fruit.

Awakening the Dark Fruit

To awaken the Dark Fruit, two prerequisites must be met:

Accumulate 14,500 Fragments

Complete the Dark Raid located in the Raid lobby on the Second and Third Sea

You can collect fragments by completing Fruit Raids, defeating Sea Beasts, bosses, or characters with Youtuber Titles, and gathering their loot. Once you have amassed sufficient fragments and completed the Dark Raid, the game will transport you to a barren setting where you will confront an NPC you have not encountered before.

The Awakening Enhancements

The awakening of the Dark Fruit bestows individual enhancements on five of your skills:

  • Dimensional Slash – 500 Fragments
  • Ghastly Step – 2000 Fragments
  • Abyssal Darkness – 3000 Fragments
  • Endless Hole – 4000 Fragments
  • World of Darkness – 5000 Fragments

The complete set of skills will require 14,500 Fragments, but you can also purchase them individually. It is worth noting that while the Dark Fruit possesses numerous advantages, it is not the most potent fruit available. Once you have amassed enough experience and funds, consider purchasing a Shadow, Dragon, or Leopard Fruit.

last word

Awakening the Dark Fruit in Roblox’s Blox Fruits is a challenging undertaking, but the results are well worth it. With the enhancements to your skills, you can confront even the most challenging adversaries and smoothly progress through the game. So, begin collecting those fragments and head to the Raid lobby to awaken the power of the Dark Fruit!

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