Blox Fruits – 9 NOOB to PRO Tricks, 2023 Level Guide

Welcome, readers! We are thrilled to present to you our ultimate guide for Blox Fruits in 2023. Our comprehensive guide contains 9 pro tips that will take you from a noob to a seasoned pro in no time. We are confident that you will find our guide useful in enhancing your gameplay experience. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

1. Choosing the Right Fruit for Grinding

The choice of fruit you use for grinding is crucial to your success in the game. For beginners, we recommend using the light ice or magma fruit in the first season. These fruits come with unique abilities that make grinding a breeze. The light ice fruit has a sword that can inflict passive damage, while the magma fruit leaves magma behind, causing harm to enemies who step on it. However, as you progress through the game, you’ll need to upgrade to better fruits for better results.

2. Enchantment

Enchantment is an essential ability you need to buy from the abilities teacher, who can be found in the cave on the winter island. With enchantment, you’ll be able to damage high-level NPCs who have elemental time fruits. Furthermore, enchantment does extra damage when turned on, making it a must-have ability for any player looking to advance in the game.

3. Grinding vs PVP

Knowing which fruits are suitable for grinding and which ones are best for PVP is crucial to your success in the game. For instance, while the magma fruit is excellent for grinding, the dough fruit isn’t as effective. On the other hand, PVP abilities like the dough fruit are better suited for player-versus-player fights. As you can only have one fruit equipped at a time, we recommend getting a grinding fruit first and then going for a PVP fruit once you’ve completed the game.

4. Double Mastery

Double Mastery is one of the best game passes in Blox Fruits, allowing you to level up your fruit, combat style, or sword much faster than usual. This pass is particularly useful when trying to level up a new fruit quickly. We also recommend getting the Double Money pass, which enables you to purchase items in the game and progress at a much faster pace.

5. Codes

Using codes is an excellent way to make your XP farming easier in Blox Fruits. There are many codes available online that you can use to get double experience for a limited amount of time. Combining all of these codes can give you at least five hours of double XP, which is enough to level up quickly.

6. Server Hopping

Server hopping is an excellent way to kill a boss again without waiting for 20 minutes for it to respawn. By clicking on the server hop button and joining a new server, you can find the same boss waiting for you. This makes grinding XP much faster. To ensure that you don’t join the same server again, we recommend blocking someone from your game before you server hop.

7 .Fighting Style

Using the correct fighting style is crucial when grinding XP in Blox Fruits. There’s a big difference between the default fighting style and Water Kung Fu. After buying Enchantment, we recommend saving up for Water Kung Fu, which is the best fighting style for the whole of the first sea. Later on, you can upgrade it to Sharkman Karate. These two fighting styles are the best for grinding in this game because they don’t have a delay between the third attack. And when combined with the Butter Fruit, it makes grinding much more manageable.

8.Awaken Buddha

When you get to the second scene, we recommend awakening your Buddha. This is the best devil fruit awakened version for grinding in the whole game. Once you awaken your Buddha, the range at which you can hit enemies increases by a good

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