Big Ambitions Story Mode Start on Hard Difficulty

To this post about Big Ambitions Story Mode Start on Hard Difficulty,For ambitious players looking to build their first enterprise and generate up to 7-8k revenue per day on “hard” difficulty, this concise guide is for you.


This guide aims to help you get started quickly with your enterprise. By following the first official story assignments, you will be able to reach a daily revenue of 7-8k by the time your uncle asks you to start your fast-food (burger) shop. Please note that this guide will not cover information already provided in more detailed guides or the game itself.

The Beginning:

Once you get the job at “El gato,” you’ll notice you have almost a day until your shift starts. Use this time to visit the business school and study “basic business.” The school is located at 7 4th Av. Utilize any spare time between 6 AM and 7 PM to complete both courses.

Make sure to arrive at work on time, as you need to finish your assignment before Friday (day off!). Waking up between 07:15-07:20 is ideal, as it takes about 30 minutes to walk to “El gato.” Eventually, you’ll quit your job and take out the first 15k loan to start your business.

Open the map and find a building near your apartment with at least 15 traffic to start your business. Use the freebie car to purchase the necessary items from Square Appliances (16 4th Av.), IKA BOHAG (50 4th St.), and NY Distro INC (37 1st St.), as follows:

Square Appliances:

  • Cleaning station
  • 2x rounded shelf
  • Drinks fridge
  • Counter
  • Cash register
  • Stack of shopping baskets
  • Storage shelf
  • JayBeeel Loudspeaker 3
NY Distro INC:
  • 1x Paperbag (1000)
  • 1x Soda Can (60)
  • 1x Cheap gift (200)
  • 1x Expensive gift (200)

Place these items in your store.

Store Setup and Hiring Strategy:

Once you’ve arranged everything in your store, set up pricing and schedule as follows:


  • Soda Can: 3.6$
  • Cheap Gift: 24$
  • Expensive Gift: 55$


  • Monday-Sunday: 10:00-24:00

Since you’ll be selling items yourself, starting your shop at 10 AM is enough time to either get to NY Distro for their opening at 8 AM to buy supplies or start a recruitment campaign at Andersen Recruitment (16 5th Av.).

During your first few days in the shop, use the time when no customers are present to clean using the cleaning station. Once you have 5000$ and enough supplies to sustain a day without driving to NY Distro, use the interior designer to install new walls and floors worth more than 5k.


Begin two recruitment campaigns: 10 in 10 days for customer service and 10 in 10 days for cleaning. Until you have enough employees, accept anyone the recruiter sends your way. Since you work on a 7-day setup, “full-time” employees can work up to 7 hours per day (49 hours total), while “part-time” employees can work up to 4 hours per day (28 hours total).

Once your business is running smoothly without your presence, start scrutinizing potential new hires. Refuse candidates with salaries over 36/h, those who require “peaceful” work environments, part-time availability, or anything else that may prevent them from working seven days a week. If any of your existing employees meet these criteria and you are presented with better alternatives, hire and fire as needed

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