Big Ambitions – FAQs – General Questions Guide

Welcome you to this insightful and informative article, where we shall Big Ambitions – FAQs – General Questions Guide, and provide you with a comprehensive guide to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

As passionate advocates of Big Ambitions since its Early Alpha stages, we have crafted this guide with the utmost care and diligence, with the primary goal of assisting new players as the game enters Early Access.

Should you have any further queries or concerns, we humbly invite you to post them in the comments section.

It is worth noting that while these FAQs aim to provide a general overview of the game mechanics, they may not offer precise numerical values. we have provided a convenient Google Doc Cheat Sheet that contains precise values and instructions.

Big Ambitions – FAQs – General Questions

Greetings! Welcome to our comprehensive Big Ambitions FAQs and General Questions guide. We created this guide to assist newcomers as the game transitions into Early Access. We hope you find it incredibly helpful.

Question: My game crashed, and I forgot to save it, did I lose all my progress?

Answer: Don’t worry, you didn’t lose everything. Simply load up the game and select the ‘Load game’ button from the main menu. Activate ‘Show recover saves’ located in the top right corner. By default, this shows three recovery saves taken every five minutes of playtime.

Question: I don’t like point-and-click. How can I use a controller or WASD?

Answer: Head to Options > Controls and set your mode to “controller” instead of “Point-and-click.” Please note, Controller Mode is currently a work in progress and may not be perfect yet.

Question: How can I change the language of the game?

Answer: Go to Options > Others where you will have the choice to select different languages.

Question: How can I turn off the objectives / Uncle Fred tutorial?

Answer: If you prefer to play without any tutorial or objectives, start a new game in “Custom Game Mode” instead of “Storymode.”

Question: Why am I being charged negative interest?

Answer: Every Monday, the bank charges you a fee for having your money stored there. This is to stimulate the economy by spending the money instead of hoarding it in your bank. The best way to avoid the fee (other than being broke) is to invest in Real Estate, bank Investments, and your own businesses.

Question: What happens if I don’t pay my taxes?

Answer: Once you start making enough money, every 60 days (1 year, in-game), you are given a tax bill. You have 20 days to pay it – and if you don’t pay it within 20 days, the IRS will begin taking your stuff until they are paid back!

Question: How do I raise my happiness?

Answer: There are several ways to boost your happiness in the game, including playing video games, watching TV, going gambling, being profitable, fulfilling Persona Goals, sleeping on a bench in the park, and resting on your boat. Keep in mind that each perk only lasts for a certain length of time, so you’ll need to keep doing things to maintain your happiness.

Question: Where is the Casino?

Answer: The Casino is located at Pier 4 on Fridays between 1700 and 2200 (5pm to 10pm). You can buy a ticket for $5,000 at the ticket booth behind the Bluestone Imports building at Pier 4. If you arrive early, simply wait by the booth for the Casino Boat to arrive!

Question: How can I get things delivered from the stores?

Answer: Most of the special AI stores (Appliance Stores, Office Supply, Ika Bohag) have a person seated at a desk. You can set up deliveries to any of your buildings by speaking with them. Once you have spoken to them first, their number will appear in your phone for future use. After placing an order for delivery, just wait for the specified delivery time. A pallet will appear outside the business at the delivery time containing all the boxes you ordered. Use a hand truck to bring them all inside quickly.

Question: How do I purchase a building?

Answer: To purchase a building, click on the building you want to buy. A button called ‘send building purchase offer’ will appear, and an estimated valuation will pop up. You can make an offer on the building from there. MarketInsider has a tab called Real Estate, where you can filter on ‘Show only for sale’. These buildings generally have a better negotiation range.

FAQs – Retail Stores

Looking for the best place to recruit top-notch customer service and cleaning employees?

 Look no further than Anderson Recruitment Corp, located at 16 5th Avenue. Contact them today to find the perfect candidates for your business needs.

What is the Traffic Index, you ask?

 It’s a crucial metric that represents the foot traffic to your building. A higher Traffic Index is essential to ensure that you can attract enough customers. Ideally, you should aim for a Traffic Index of 40 or more to guarantee that your business thrives.

Do you want to raise your Business Interior score? 

The key is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and listen to their feedback. By addressing their concerns and requests, such as offering a nightclub or a fruit and vegetable store or a hairdresser, you can make sure your interior design is top-notch.

Understanding the concepts of “Building Limit” and “Current Capacity Per Hour” is crucial to making your business a success. Each building has a maximum number of customers it can handle per hour, and you need to have the right equipment to meet that limit. Each item you purchase for your store has a customer capacity, so make sure you buy enough to push your Current Capacity Per Hour up to your Building Limit. For example, a clothing store in a building with a 30 capacity might need speakers, employee uniforms, upgraded walls and floors, and a place to sit to meet the Building Limit.

Do you want to increase your Customer Service score?

 It’s simple: invest in training your employees. The higher their skill level, the better your score. Keep in mind that as a player, your customer service skill level is fixed at 50%, so focus on training your employees to improve this metric.

Are you wondering whether you can sell different products in your store?

 The answer is yes! You can sell any retail product in any retail store, but keep in mind that your primary products will likely generate more sales and profit. Secondary products can be an excellent opportunity to diversify your offerings and boost revenue.

Can you change the sale prices of your goods and services?

 Of course! Simply go to the Bizman > Inventory & Pricing page and adjust the prices accordingly. However, be careful not to set prices too high, as this can lead to a drop in customer satisfaction and, ultimately, lost business.

Looking for ways to keep your store clean? 

Purchase a cleaning station from Square Appliance and place it in your store. This will open up a specific “Cleaning Station” row on your schedule, where you can assign your cleaners. Your cleaners will work behind the scenes, keeping your store clean and tidy, so you won’t see them in action.

Are your employees resigning, and you’re not sure why?

 Each employee has demands that must be met to ensure their satisfaction and prevent them from quitting. Some demands are schedule-related, such as “Full Time” or “5-days a week,” while others are for specific items like a sofa, coffee machine, or a specific desk. Keep an eye on their demands and fulfill them to maintain high employee satisfaction.

how do you get 100% marketing? 

The key is to mix and match different options from the two Marketing Agencies, McCain’s EMarketing and City Ads, to reach 100% at each building. Using City Ads also means your business’s ads will be visible on billboards around the city, boosting your visibility and customer engagement.

Wondering about the difference between the Cheap Coffee Machine and the Industrial Coffee Machine?

 The Industrial Machine is for selling to customers at a Coffee Shop, while the Cheap Machine is for satisfying office employee demands. You can purchase the Cheap Machine from Mr. Scott’s Office Supplies or Ika Bohag.

FAQ’s Offices, Headquarters, Warehouses

Why didn’t my Purchasing Agent order the right stuff?

First, it’s crucial to establish a proper setup that encompasses hiring a Purchasing Agent, locating them in your Headquarters, securing a contract with a reputable importer along the pier, and placing an order.

When placing an order with your Purchasing Agent, you have the option of designating it as a “one-time” order or recurring every day, every 3 days, or every 7 days, depending on your specific needs.

The efficiency of the Logistics Manager is also a critical factor to consider. If their skill level is below 25%, a freight truck can only service up to 4 locations. If it’s between 25% and 50%, the number of locations the truck can service increases to 5. 

Similarly, if it’s between 50% and 75%, the number of locations serviced increases to 6, and at skill levels under 100%, the truck can service up to 7 locations. When the Logistics Manager is at 100% skill, the truck can service up to 8 locations.

It’s worth noting that the Purchasing Agent has a minimum purchase cost they must meet for each order to proceed. If the order amount, such as 400 paper bags, does not meet the minimum purchase amount, the Purchasing Agent will not place the order until the quantity is sufficient to meet the threshold.

Finally, it’s essential to ensure that your warehouse pallet shelves are not full and that you have enough funds to pay for the delivery; otherwise, the delivery will not proceed. However, in the event of a failed delivery, you won’t incur any charges.

what distinguishes a small from a larger warehouse? 

The primary difference lies in the storage capacity available. A larger warehouse typically has a greater capacity, enabling it to store more goods, while a small warehouse has a comparatively lower capacity.

Google Doc Cheat Sheet

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to excel in Big Ambitions. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, you’ll find valuable information in these cheat sheets to help you navigate the game with ease.

Our cheat sheets include a list of all goods, appliances, furniture, and vehicles available in the game. You’ll also find helpful tips on marketing strategies, how to build and manage your store, office, and warehouse, and a complete list of all buildings in the game.

If you prefer general guidelines instead of specific numbers, our FAQs section is the perfect resource for you.

So, whether you’re looking to maximize your profits, expand your business, or just curious about the game’s mechanics, this cheat sheet has everything you need. Click the link to access the Google Doc and start dominating the game today!

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