Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide

Welcome to the Backpack Hero – Weapons Tier List Guide, where we provide you with our honest opinion on the best weapons to use in your journey.

Here’s our list of top-tier weapons:

Cleavers: While they can be powerful, cleavers require multiple rare drops to be effective, making them not worth the effort.

Bows: Most bows are similar, but the crossbow can use status arrows, and the composite bow can do extra damage.

Arrows: Short and explosive arrows are particularly useful, as well as fire, poison, and electric arrows.

Wands: Metallic wands deal more damage to mana than electric, fire, or dark wands.

Daggers/Hatchets/Hammers: These weapons are free damage dealers and can double or triple their low base damage.

Specific weapons to keep an eye out for:

Club: A great first weapon that provides a weak buff for defense.

Doru: A legendary spear that’s great for defense.

Flame Axe/Needler: These guns can damage wooden weapons in one turn and increase their dpt.

Fox Rapier: An excellent weapon with high damage and defense, obtainable by defeating a Travelling Warrior.

Gloves of Knives: A scratch support item that can be enhanced with gems.

Vorpal Blade: A powerful weapon that provides multiple attacks per energy spent.

Wooden Blades: A good alternative to the Wooden Sword.

We hope our guide helps you choose the right weapons for your journey.

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