Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List

Welcome to the Backpack Hero – Shields and Armor List guide. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about armor and shields to help you survive in the game.


Table of Contents

Knight’s Shield/Slats Shield – These are the best shields in the game. Upgrade your rough buckler as soon as possible. While the slats shield is more effective, the knight’s shield can still hold up even if you have only three pieces of armor.

King’s Shield – This shield produces less block but has nice passives and the smithing slot of any shield.

Lil Buckler – A great space-saving option if you have strong armor or good haste. You can also upgrade it to the amethyst-bracer.

Soldier’s Buckler – A powerful option, but its large size and better-boosting items make it less desirable.

Swamp Buckler – The best shield against poison. Grab it if you can.

Bashing Shield – Can be used to provide a strong defensive build or an attack.


Archangel Armor – This is my personal favorite armor. It allows small armor pieces to grow slowly and negates enemy damage growth while a battle drags on.

Knight’s Armor – A strong, common item that boosts your shield and armor. It even has two smithing slots.

Left/Right Gauntlet – These small items provide a lot if you arrange your bag correctly.

Rogue’s Mask – A good insurance policy for bad situations, but not a reliable defense.

Spiked Helmet – For one space, you get one block plus three spikes per turn. A very nice item.

Steel Boots – Many block and some damage boosting. Another highly efficient item. Boots work best at the bottom so heavy boots are not a problem.

Wizard Robe – A great option if you have a good mana source.

Wizard Cap – A good pick if your mana sink is high enough and your defense is strong enough not to worry about the lower energy. CR-8 can grab it with no downside.

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