Backpack Hero – Accessories List

Welcome to this post! We have a comprehensive Backpack Hero – Accessories List that will undoubtedly assist you in your endeavors.

In this guide, we will provide you with information regarding each sort of accessory in the game.


My First Wand: It functions as an accessory that is ideal for healing with just a few mana stones. Though it may not outperform damage, it is ideal for healing off chip damage, poison, and curses.

Gems: Most gems are fantastic, but the sapphire and electric gems, along with the peridot, have a low impact in their respective areas.

Bandages: A fantastic source of healing that may be used to treat any damage caused by curses or poison.

Books: Books are a potent tool in combination with a powerful wand, allowing you to attack twice per energy, which outperforms swords. The Necronomicon is an excellent choice due to its powerful weapon in addition to the additional mana.

Battle Ring: This is an excellent way to spend mana early in the game.

Broken Ring: Limited by its ability to be increased only by speed, but a book can be used as a shield replacement.

Charmed Bracelet: Although a lot of the nastiest curses can disable nearby items, it’s still worth a look.

Cleansing Rag: It provides excellent protection against poison, but it may have difficulty completely removing poison from later floors.

Crab Cactus: Very efficient and quickly builds spikes against large groups of sables.

Energy: Always worth the effort. Once you have it, try to form the backpack to reduce wasted space. The most efficient energy is violet, while the token is the worst.

Dice: A fantastic item to keep. It is best for re-rolling relics, and the Spare Dice can also be employed on relics.

Dark Headband: If you have an excellent wand, it can allow you to quickly slash through smaller enemies, particularly in the arctic area.

Golden Whetstone: Very good. Make sure you have a weapon you will be able to use for the remainder of the game.

Guardian Ring: The Guardian Ring is a nice little boost to any shield that increases the effect of haste.

Lucky Ring: Always take. Always. Even with higher luck debuffs and more difficult issues, they can improve the effectiveness of drops.

Piggy Bank: Easy money. Similar to the Lucky Ring, this just makes it easier to run.

Poison Whetstone: If you have chip healing, this could be laid on the injury with daggers or arrows.

Pouch: It’s important to have a pouch to keep dice and keys secure. You can also use it to carry big, famous items that you may wish to sell later.

Ring of Doom: The most powerful mana sink in the game. Use daggers to surround it or use it as your primary weapon. If I can acquire this, I typically win.

Ring of Rage: A discount Ring of Doom, but still quite good.

Robot Toy: Do you have many mana stones? This is free damage.

Speedy Leaf: Usually an auto-pick. It is great to put in a pouch for boss battles.

Whetstone: Pairs really well with a bunch of daggers for a powerful damaging scaling.

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