Arma 3 – Basic UAV inventory and tactical for A3

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover everything about Arma 3, covering the basics of UAV inventory and tactical employment for A3. Follow this guide to gain an in-depth understanding of each step.


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UAV stands for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle

UGV stands for Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Unmanned autonomous vehicles, commonly known as UAVs, are remotely operated vehicles without the need for a human operator. These vehicles can be utilized in several challenging, risky, or infeasible situations where human operators cannot be employed. UAVs comprise an internal computer that enables them to make independent decisions about movement, enemy and ally identification, and other actions.

There are three main categories of UAV/UGV:

Small, quiet, unarmed camera with zoom/NV/thermal

A 6X6 inch wheel drive that can carry a mounted weapon and a camera with zoom/NV/thermal.

Required Equipment for Operation

To operate a UAV, the following requirements must be met:

Create a ‘terminal’ in your GPS Slot

The terminal must match the faction (NATO/CSAT) of the UAV

A UAV is available from your faction


A quadcopter (4 rotor blades)


Camera zoom/NVG/thermal

Laser designator

Tracked vehicle

Mostly used to perform surveillance and reconnaissance

Chemical (Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Nuclear defense (CBRN).

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Sensors. A biopsy probe and a sample laser.

UGV for Mid-Size

Can be armed with the RCWS 12/7mm/40mm

Can perform reconnaissance & surveillance (R&S)

Used to transport supplies


Large UAVs may include both fixed-winged and rotating A/C.

UCAV – Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Models include:




A3 Drone Operators

Each faction has numerous UAV operators to choose from:

Drone operators may have a backpack with the disassembled aircraft (SUAVs only).

DLC Options

Some drone variants may be DLC dependent

Jets – Sentinel

Apex – Falcon/Fenghuang

Laws of War-Pelican

Contact – Email – ED-1

There are two types:

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