ARK: Survival Evolved – Mystic Menagerie Mod Official Guide

Welcome to the Mystic Menagerie, an official guide to the ARK: Survival Evolved mod. This guide provides essential information about the Mystic Menagerie mod, which introduces various fantastic creatures to the game and offers plenty of new content. Our professional 3D modeler has created fully customized creatures, as well as edits to existing ARK models.

The mod is still new, but we will update the guide with new releases and teasers to keep you informed of our progress. This guide is not only for taming but also to keep you up to date with our future plans.

Current Mod Features include:

  • Jawhound
  • Luxfox
  • Baerabi
  • Theodymus

The Luxfox is one of the glow pets that provides chargelight for animals, although it is not the strongest. It can help you find hard-to-find materials and resources, such as gems, mushrooms, crystals, and flowers. It is a pa*sive tame, which means it will not run away when fed mushrooms, but make sure to remove any dangerous animals from the area before taming.

The Jawhound is a formidable hunter and pack creature that can take down larger prey. Its Lockjaw Grapple ability can grab targets that weigh less than 400 pounds and deal 0.5% of the target’s HP per second. The Jawhound struggles against large numbers of prey and relies on bleed and immobilizing its targets for its packmates to eat while the Jawhound pins down its target. It is a tranq tame, and players must first deal with Jawhounds in the area before leading the remaining Jawhound into a trap made with Stone Gateways.

Spawn Locations for Luxfox:

  • Generic Redwoods
  • Eden Plains Easy (genesis 2 – Genesis Snow (genesis 1)
  • Generic Tundra
  • Biolum Zone (aberration)
  • Fertile Zone (aberration)
  • Apotheosis (crystal isles)
Spawn Locations for Jawhound:
  • All Volcano Spawn Points
  • Scattered Plains (genesis 2)
  • Eden Plains Hard (genesis 2)
  • Frozen Tooth (genesis 1)
  • Green Ob (Island)
  • North Redwoods (Island)
  • The Great Plains (Scorched Earth)
  • The Maw (Aberration)
  • Biolum Chamber (Aberration)
  • Frost Cave (Crystal Isles)

Thank you for choosing Mystic Menagerie. We hope you enjoy playing with our fantastical creatures.

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