AntVentor – Get All Achievements & Walkthrough

In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to obtain all the achievements in AntVentor. We hope that you find this guide both informative and helpful.



This achievement can be automatically unlocked by catching the guard’s attention without using a bed of sawdust.


By bending the spoon, you can “exploit” the ant’s labor and block its path, unlocking this achievement.


Using the spoon, you can unlock the door while the guard is distracted. The twisted spoon is located to the right and should be positioned in the area where an ant is breaking the stone to undo it. To achieve this, clean all the grime found under each of the “upper apartments” and divert the guard’s attention, thus earning the ROLY-POLY achievement.


Wait for the ant to close its eyes, then use the spoon to collect the last pile of dirt to unlock the thief achievement.


Using the spider toy five times with your dog toy will unlock this achievement.


There are two paths on the tree branches; one leads up, and the other goes down. Both paths feature crows, and the nest is located below. If you get too close to an ant, it will run off. Repeat this until you achieve the coward achievement.


This achievement is unlocked by repeatedly tripping and falling, which occurs automatically. If you’re nearing the end of the game and haven’t achieved this yet, you can walk around the map in circles until you trip.


This achievement is story-based. Listen to the iPod’s tracks until the spider starts dancing to the third track.


This achievement can be unlocked by giving Grandma a glass of water. In Greek, “syco” means fig and “phant” means “to show,” resulting in “fig discloser.” A sycophant refers to someone who serves others.


To unlock this achievement, you must pass gas. This can be done by repeatedly moving the acorns in a tree, or by moving the sleeping pill in grandma’s place later in the game. You must trigger the reaction in the ant man five times to achieve this.


To unlock this achievement, you must be a bully. The ant man will roll its eyes at you repeatedly until you achieve this. You can easily cheese this by using the rock/pebble/rock repeatedly on the dog’s food bowl.


This achievement is unlocked by completing the game.


To unlock this achievement, you must spend 150 hours in the game. You can check your progress by looking at the counter on the screen. You can easily cheese this by leaving the game running while you’re AFK. It’s not clear how far into the game you can get this counter to start.

General Tips:

Some items will sparkle like in a hidden object game. Keep an eye out for hidden objects as you need them to complete the game. For example, you can gather one of the branches and use it to make a bow and arrow to shoot a crow and retrieve your iPod.

Some solutions require your participation, while others require the ant men’s participation. Sometimes, this may seem confusing, and you may need to use your godly abilities to get past the sentry, such as clicking on the root to divert their attention. A new device may require a combination of things from your inventory, or the ant may need your proximity to carry out a task.

The cursor will adjust depending on the action in each section. It does a little animation with its legs to show you where you can.

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