Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – Faith Class and Stats

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Statistics and Presentation:

Eva “Faith” Jensen is the medic class in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop.

With the highest statistics in Healing, infestation curing, and the second-highest movement bonus, Faith is undoubtedly the better of the two medics in the game. Her role is to slow down aliens to prevent them from hitting her team, while also healing her teammates.


Faith’s gear includes the Tesla Cannon, Medical Gun, and Freeze Grenades.

Tesla Cannon:

The Tesla Cannon is the primary weapon used by medics to protect their team from alien attacks. It is one of the most effective weapons in the game, and it is virtually impossible to cause harm to your teammates with it. The Tesla Cannon can also electrocute aliens and slow them down.

Using the Tesla Cannon wisely can reduce ammunition and control mini stun. However, the electric beam of the Tesla Cannon can be blocked by objects such as barrels, chairs, and doors. Therefore, it is important to avoid aligning your teammates with your goal while using the Tesla Cannon.

Medical Gun:

Faith’s Medical Gun has the greatest healing potential, making it more effective than the Amp Medgun or the Heal Beacons. On larger maps, it is common to have a shortage of medics. In such situations, Faith’s role is to keep her team alive with the Amp Medical’s limited healing power.

The Heal Beacons have two major weaknesses, which include forcing the team to remain static and healing an infection slowly. Therefore, the Medical Gun is the best option for Faith to support her team in the game.

Medgun Management:

To use the Medgun effectively, Faith needs to manage it properly. One Medgun round can replenish 10 health, and if a marine is missing 1HP, using the Medgun to heal them would consume 1 medgun ammo for 1HP.

Faith should avoid healing marines that need to be healed to full life, as this would consume unnecessary ammunition. Instead, she should aim to heal them at 90 or 95% of their maximum health to ensure that only 1 Medgun ammunition is used per 10 healing points.

Freeze Grenades:

Freeze Grenades are Faith’s additional support equipment. They are useful in emergency situations when an intruder is too close to the team, or too many shieldbugs are present. In addition, they can put out flames when an ally is burning. Gas Grenades are not recommended for use as they are not very useful in the game and are more suited for second-medic use.

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