Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – Basic Movement Positioning and behavior

We trust that you will find this guide on the basics of movement, positioning, and behavior in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop highly informative and useful.

Positioning and Behavior:

In Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop, it is crucial to position yourself appropriately and exhibit the right behavior for a successful game. As a third-place team member, Faith can provide support for 4-8 players by assisting the frontline and safeguarding Jaeger, the main dpss, behind the tank, Vegas. However, it is essential to note that Vegas should always be the third person, and you should never go alone.

Interaction and Protection:

Contrary to popular belief, Vegas is not the player who needs your attention the most; it is Jaeger. As a frontline player, Vegas is susceptible to danger, and as a technician, he may perish. If you take good care of Jaeger, Vegas will be able to perform his dps effectively without the need for your tesla.

If your Jaeger is using a double-grenade launcher setup, which is quite common in very challenging/high difficulty levels, he may not have any personal defense weapons to fend off nearby aliens, making your assistance crucial.

Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize Jaeger’s protection and a*sist him accordingly, and Vegas should be fine. In a team of four players, it is essential to consider the backline. Keep an eye on Jaeger’s Firemines and ensure that the weapon specialist can follow the team and provide assistance in case of a large group.


While providing support to your allies is commendable, it is crucial not to make their lives more difficult by trying too hard to help when it is unnecessary. Blocking, either in vanilla or ASBI, is the most common error in Alien Swarm and can be quite problematic.

To avoid blocking, imagine a dead area around your allies, which is not yours to cross. Faith’s movement speed is relatively slow, making it challenging to avoid blocking her. However, you can reduce her movement speed by crouching, making your movement near your friends more precise.

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